Clan system in your map (Advanced triggers + http requests)

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Clan system in your map (Advanced triggers + http requests)

Postby Max teabag » 1 December 2017, 03:18

Before watching this video I'd like to point out that this takes for granted you have a good understanding of triggers and variables.This video will cover mostly theory, and not that much practice since this is directed at advanced map makers.

We will look at how to make custom colors for players depending on what clan they are in. We will look at different ways of doing this, and what might go wrong and why.

I made this video not really to explain how to change character color depending on your clan, but rather, use it an example to show how triggers work in multiplayer and how HTTP requests work with the new trigger.

This is not a specific tutorial on how to do these things or a tutorial on how to code. But to show what's possible.

This video shows two tricks to accomplish synchronized player-colors.
The first trick is getting the character entity based on the slot number.
The second trick is using the character health as a way of communicating data.

If you are uninterested in these advanced trigger workings, I'd recommend skipping towards the end where I talk about HTTP requests. The things I'm showing you is pretty radical.

I use the HTTP feature to only change the character-color of players who are in BoZ, taken from our actual member's list.
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Re: Clan system in your map (Advanced triggers + http reques

Postby Terrarian Slayer » 9 May 2018, 14:57

Max Teabag,I don't see the video.
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Re: Clan system in your map (Advanced triggers + http reques

Postby Voice Of the UnderWorld » 8 February 2019, 22:03

no video mate. u forgot to upload it.

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