Is advertising your map really a bad thing?

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Is advertising your map really a bad thing?

Postby Civil_Boss » 12 January 2019, 08:01


Is it honestly a bad thing if a person were to advertise their maps to others?

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I haven't done it in a while, since I have no Idea whether it is a bad thing to do so.

Now the reason why I ask this question is that when I published a recent map, it barely got any rates, then I thought "is it actually a bad thing to advertise my maps?".
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Re: Is advertising your map really a bad thing?

Postby darkstar 1 » 12 January 2019, 09:54

I guess it's fine as long as you don't spam it and ask for 5 stars every time

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Re: Is advertising your map really a bad thing?

Postby Ayano » 12 January 2019, 10:16

There isnt anything bad at advertising. But advertise too much and some people may get annoyed and view you as an annoyance. So yeah its fine if your able to control yourself
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Re: Is advertising your map really a bad thing?

Postby Civil-Lite » 19 January 2019, 21:17

I don't believe advertising maps is a bad thing either because in a way your asking for people's attention at the time for the the map you have made. From their opinion / feedback they have given you after playing the map this would then give you the opportunity to think about what else you could work and improve on in the future. I've had a few map advertisements given to me in the past, and don't get me wrong, I think the maps are great so keep up the good work. But as from what has been said above, just make sure you are able to control yourself when map advertising and your all good.
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Re: Is advertising your map really a bad thing?

Postby Ahrora » 16 February 2019, 23:02

To a certain extent. Spamming and pleading users in order to beg for map rates really annoys people not to want to rate your maps.
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Re: Is advertising your map really a bad thing?

Postby ECC9 » 17 February 2019, 11:22

no its not a bad thing

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