I've lost my main account. HELP.

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I've lost my main account. HELP.

Postby mark2113 » 2 March 2021, 20:48

Hi, this isn't my real account or isn't meant to be. My main is Marlook23. Today I've tried to enter like usually, to update my last map, finding that the log doesn't work at all, and when I put the right password, it shows my a message about; firstly "I you acces to this account you agree to the politics of the game and more stuff" and secondly "some isseus about the connection" letting me choosing between and "IP account logged" and "Latest account logged", being both the same Marlook23. Checking the "help support", it guided me to "send a message to this account" reciving that message but moving me back (with the link attach), to a ... idk really, it's like the page of help support, when I confirm the e-mail of the account, don't work :/.

I have to say that yesterday I logged Marlook23 on the new game flash player desktop design (that for some reason show a message of:
"IOErrorEvent (0,Marlook23): [IOErrorEvent type="ioError" bubbles=false cancelable="false" eventPhase=2 text="Error #2032"]" And don't synchronized never.
and don't load the main campaign but I can search my "non-published" maps ). Please help :(

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Re: I've lost my main account. HELP.

Postby broforce1 » 3 March 2021, 05:50

might be better to create tickets on PB2 support center...

not sure if that topic is useful but u may check it out:
maybe cuz ur acc got problems with ALTS & IPs or ur connected to local or u lost ur connection during re-loading the page with new account, though u dont need to freak out. u dont need to sent messages to ur acc and whatever, just find ur acc or the pass.

other things might be useful to view not sure:

not sure whats ur problem so...
thought u lost ur acc and u dont remember the pass:
btw if ur account was saved on google passwords then it's fine when u click on the login bar u can find saved passwords, but if there were no saved accounts then unfortunately if u don't remember ur password at least then u cannot log in to the account. btw making accounts in PB2 is different, because ur making other accounts but u ain't using ur main acc that u use on multiple websites... a simple way u can create a fake email.

so if ur a google chrome user I can give a tip..

- Click on the 3 dots on the right above side and go to google settings
- click on passwords
- try to find ur PB2 acc, the list shows up the website and username and the pass, reveal the pass to check

idk what i can do that is all best, this tip above is useful if u have saved ur PB2 acc on google settings...
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Re: I've lost my main account. HELP.

Postby mokaal » 3 March 2021, 09:24

You can go to Plazma Burst 2 Support Center and request a ticket.

During requesting a ticket you should name your ticket " I lost my account and I need access again " or something like that then explain your account main and so on.

Most important thing is that you should remember the gmail that is used for the main account, otherwise the staffs can't help you on that I think.

Here's the link.


Edit: Also I think you need to have Discord so you can keep in touch with staff who's currently fixing your issue, good luck getting your account back!
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Re: I've lost my main account. HELP.

Postby mark2113 » 3 March 2021, 18:39

No guys, I remember the password and everything. I have been using the account like everyday since 4 years ago, but now isn't working and moves me to an error.

@broforce1 Wait. The first link say that the message gives you a password?. Really? I don't see anything like that. It gives me another link guided to a plazma burst 2 page.

@mokaal I have do that. I have to wait to an anwser i guess, right?.

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Re: I've lost my main account. HELP.

Postby mark2113 » 3 March 2021, 18:54

Okay guys, thanks for everything. I've tried again using this link: https://www.plazmaburst2.com/?s=19 chose the Marlook23 account and now I don't know why it sent my a message to the e-mail that works. Been given a new password, not like before, that moved me to the page but not showing it. Thanks god i didn't lost my last map in what i have more than 5 days working on.

Thx for everything. Have a nice day!.

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