zoom trigger automatically reverting

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zoom trigger automatically reverting

Postby twin12 » 4 April 2020, 22:14

so i have a region that changes your zoom when you touch it. simple right? but it zooms in for like a millisecond and zooms back out if i use the player activation. When i make it so the region has more then 1 call, it works fine. diffrent activations, fine. but it just seems to be this one combination that makes it wonky. I think it might be because the player lands on the region in a pod, so that might interfere with the activation. :nope:

trigger editing code thingy:

uid: #game settings
enabled: true
maxcalls: 1

Zoom( "200", "0" );
SetSwords( "1", "0" );
op251( "0", "0" );
op210( "0", "0" );
ShowText( "Oofgh.. I forgot how hard the landing is.", "1" );
SetCharMobility( "0", "0" );

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