Experience questions

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Experience questions

Postby ECC9 » 13 November 2019, 18:37


So you get experience points for being active in-game or for killin' people? or both?
Also what you can do with it or it's just there?
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Re: Experience questions

Postby Xier44 » 13 November 2019, 19:45

You getting expereience if:
headshoted anyone
hurted enemy and he died of fall damage
Anyone from leaderboard are in match
Connected to server (1 time per day)
Completed single player map (1 time per day)
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Re: Experience questions

Postby Darnit525 » 13 November 2019, 19:52

i think it's meaningless, not sure though.
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Re: Experience questions

Postby mrblake213 » 14 November 2019, 09:30

Basically, you get experience by being active in-game both in SP and MP.
It's basically a measurement on how "active" you are in playing the game.
It also shows you on top of the "Most Active" Leaderboards.

Aaaaand, it's currently being used as a prize for PB2 Discord Events.
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