Proper parsing for variable sync triggers

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Proper parsing for variable sync triggers

Postby storm8472 » 10 November 2019, 00:04

As eric said earlier, sending the type of the variable takes up too much data and multiplying it by 1 should work.
Despite this fact, I have noticed that even when multiplying the variable by one, it still screws up for some reason and there are a lot of other possible problems with this especially since syncing is normally done by checking the slot (from what I believe). Instead of sending the type wouldn't it be possible to do what the level editor already does and take a string input and attempt to parse it into a numerical value, to handle number values for variable sync triggers, right now due to the string problems and the failure of the 1 multiplication variable sync is basically broken. If you want to see the map where the multiplication fails go to "storm8472-skybase" on a multiplayer server, where the correction does occur but the variables that were synced still act very unnaturally as strings.

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