PB2 multiplayer DM matchs :player bugs:

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PB2 multiplayer DM matchs :player bugs:

Postby broforce1 » 6 November 2019, 10:03

Hello,today i will discuss about plazma burst 2 multiplayer bugs,so as you know we all playing with each other,but sometimes when you getting started to play in DM matchs,then you've been noticed that some players are cause some lag and bugs in the match,for example when you shot the player and then suddenly ,he's still alive,then game will get freezed then after its get unfreezed,you will found that the player killed you already,and there is more.....

thats properly annoying me and annoying another players too,i think the new sync makes lag worse,i dont mean that to remove the new sync,but i'm just saying that it makes lags worse in my opinion,and then when i view the old multiplayer it didnt work.

so what is the way to fix all these bugs we must stop it or fix it or otherwise the game matchs with players will be annoying and it will get much worse then its now we seen it so please if you fix this bugs thanks.
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Re: PB2 multiplayer DM matchs :player bugs:

Postby Darnit525 » 6 November 2019, 12:16

it's probably not gonna be changed, but if enough people play on the old multiplayer, it'll seem a more attractive option and bring more people over.
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