secret ID (eric answer!)

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secret ID (eric answer!)

Postby Bio-1 » 30 September 2019, 14:19

I found here something,when u click CUSTOM MAP you can write c(campaign number level,0-1st,1-2nd and other)a,that teleports you to campaign level,but with this work some bugs,1st: if you rate campaign map it says: MAP DOESN'T EXIST,and when u click MAP PAGE it says again.2nd:No trigger on mission end,i think its for not cheating in campaign if anyone find it but i think its a just a bug or secret.
If you need campaign numbers read this:
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c0a-1|c1a-2|c2a-3|c3a-4|c4a-5|and other (me dont want write all it)

What is this?
secret maps?
or what??

Day started
computer started
making maps started
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Re: secret ID (eric answer!)

Postby Eric Gurt » 30 September 2019, 21:15

PB2's engine supports map caching, though it is solely used to keep campaign maps since PB2 is an online game for the most part. Whenever some map is attempted to load - map cache is prioritized. Though Custom Map & Multiplayer buttons disable triggers that should only work in Campaign mode.
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