bug with sit

bug with sit

Postby Bio-1 » 8 November 2019, 19:33

Look at me https://prnt.sc/pucvlc , what??
File MeowVirus.exe is avaible only for CATS! :3
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Re: bug with sit

Postby jeje52 » 9 November 2019, 16:41

Resi wrote:I don't get it.

He's crouching in a space that he shouldn't be able to crouch in. The picture is a bit dark but you can see half of his body underground.

I'd say this is a known bug. It happens when you have fps lag. I was able to replicate it with 30 fps setting and it worked with all spaces under 6. I was even able to make it work in a 1 high gap, but I had to move myself in there via trigger.
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