colorful match

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colorful match

Postby ziomke » 30 June 2019, 18:17

hello, i think i saw this bug before, but can't know where it is so i can't read the topic about that

so this bug is making a match 'bar' changing colors rapidly instead of just a blue color
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Re: colorful match

Postby Oriental » 7 July 2019, 18:54

Come on it's just a minor bug that doesn't even affect anything tbh looks cool if you saw a match that is colorful oh you want it fixed to make the game better? Sure there are more major bugs that we might have not discovered yet and yeah
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Re: colorful match

Postby _SkilledNinjaHyperX_ » 9 July 2019, 07:10

i haved this bug with blue(or not) and yellow

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