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Re: Intro/Farewell(s)

Postby Spartz » 4 May 2016, 12:20

Goodbye my Friends and Enemies I Gotta go now and I'll never come back Because I have a bad mood of talking a staff a scrub then I regret calling them.
I Hope you'll never see me again in future.
pce <3
I'm Gone.
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Re: Intro/Farewell(s)

Postby Shih Tzu » 6 May 2016, 10:45

Hey people,Im not really new i joined around summer 2014 but i lost my account in 2015,I created this account in december 27th 2015.
I'd like to play with friends in PB2 aswell as having some fun.

Thats all for now.
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Re: Intro/Farewell(s)

Postby jailer313 » 6 May 2016, 12:41

been awhile but im back now ^^,
i mainly stopped wen they removed chat and they tried to move the forum (which was clearly a flop since we are in this forum XD) its a long story about that one =/
but yeah... i kinda just stopped playin multiplayer though... felt repetitive with its maps and buttcheek 'gods' kickin ppl faster than ppl on MC ps3... and i would know T.T
but if you wanna add me, go ahead, i dont mind
youtube: Jailer313
psn: Jailer313
(universal name XD)
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Re: Intro/Farewell(s)

Postby Xenophyte » 8 May 2016, 13:10

It's time for me to say goodbye.

I have decided to leave the team, along with the community. Even though I was never as active as I said I would be when applying for the team, It was a good run. I apologies for not making an official goodbye (@DoomWrath) but I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am for you to give me the opportunity for this experience.

As of right now, I am struggling to keep things in line, trying to catch up with my school work (need more hours for revision too since I have my AS exams this month and next month), work and other personal problems. You don't have to worry if anything happens to me, my counselor knows what happened yesterday and shes looking out for me.

Perhaps maybe, one day in PB2.5 I can return back to the community, if everything is going smoothly then I might be able to apply for the team again.

So, but as of right now, I'm going.

@AssasinGuy, sorry I couldn't say goodbye to you directly in pm, perhaps one day I'll contact you.
@Bramble, Quantum States is my favorite part, hopefully if you stick around for PB2.5, we can discuss more about it.

So, goodbye.


Edit: I'll come on in a few months to tell you my results for my AS exams.

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Re: Intro/Farewell(s)

Postby Nutkiplit809 » 11 May 2016, 14:39

Wuzzup, Waffle Guy here, playin some [insert game here]. Gonna hang out here for a while

Whoops! Time ran out. I gotta need to do some thing and stuff. And of course, waffle on!
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Re: Intro/Farewell(s)

Postby eto- » 13 May 2016, 20:15

goodbye hopefully forever

it wasn't me,
it was you
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Officially retiring map making.

Postby ilijah999 » 22 May 2016, 20:24

Well people, I have decided to finally stop working on maps for PB2. My recent maps have gotten little to no likes in the past 2 months and I won't continue to work on maps if no one is playing or rating it. I will return for PB2.5 (Maybe). I hope that PB2 continues to stay alive...

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Re: Intro/Farewell(s)

Postby monkeyman2535 » 22 May 2016, 22:42

hi pb2
i love you all
have my babies
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Re: Intro/Farewell(s)

Postby stfu » 27 May 2016, 07:51

its been 5 years
i've spent too much time here
i hate you all
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Re: Intro/Farewell(s)

Postby prometheansoldier » 29 May 2016, 10:36

Hello there, I'm Promethean Soldier. Some of you may not feel familiar with my name, Promethean, well, I got that from HALO 4. Absolutely. I don't need to say where I live, but you can find it underneath my username. Also, I joined here on May 20, which is my time for making an acc. No more hiding, no more suffering. When I struggle to fight, I can either choose whether to get back up or stay down. I'd rather get back up and fight. Nobody deserves to give up, right? Some new things are happening to me, and they inspired me to keep moving forward. Make, it, better. Just like what Eric Gurt have said.
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Re: Intro/Farewell(s)

Postby Tortoise » 6 June 2016, 21:36

I don't need to justify myself to you.

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Re: Intro/Farewell(s)

Postby ratratrat » 12 June 2016, 00:46

I felt that the account I used to make this post ought to be my very first one. I have been here since the beginning, I've been very deep into the community, gotten the highest ban record, even joined three clans, but today one person in particular from a clan I joined this summer to see if I could have some fun made me realize something: I need to pick better communities to join.

I have the PB games, and I'll continue to play this one with close friends, but I'm resigning from the community until PB2.5. Hopefully Eric will make it within a few years, it looks promising, but I know he's likely under stress.

Anyways, bye.

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Re: Intro/Farewell(s)

Postby Incompetence » 12 June 2016, 05:54

joined in december 2015, one of the worst decisions ever made

time to regret by kms from meme overdosing
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Re: Intro/Farewell(s)

Postby nuklear » 13 June 2016, 13:18

im nuklear

and no one cares about my posts
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Re: Intro/Farewell(s)

Postby Cpt Epsilon Tex » 13 June 2016, 23:20

Hi guys, it is Cpt Epsilon Tex here,some of you knows me especially the ones who fought me here, I am going to say goodbye. I spent so much time here, got boyfriends here, best friends and friends here, and the guys who helped me out when i was in the shit. But see i am not 14 anymore, im 18 for now. I can thank so much to the dear friends who i talked to and my enemies who taught me how to hate. Of course. Why not? SPECIAL THANKS to the a'ssome Admin, Doomwrath . He is such a good guy. And had time to talk to the nothing users like me. But see i am adult now, that is why am leaving. My job in the US Military won't let me play anymore. I hope we will see each other again. Goodbye all.

- [W.L.A.] (Cpt.) Epsilon Tex
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Re: Intro/Farewell(s)

Postby MI6 AGENT 007 » 14 June 2016, 18:49

Im MI6 AGENT 007 if it eaiser you can call me M16 or 007 if you like. Im a big fan of James Bond And I play video games 24/7 well I attempt to but welp. My bond theme Huge fan of him:)
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Re: Intro/Farewell(s)

Postby Seth Andres » 28 June 2016, 04:58

Names Seth Andres, your typical bitter Southern guy.
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Re: Intro/Farewell(s)

Postby Munkey » 2 July 2016, 17:56

Hey its pewdiepie guys and im here to lets play you to death.
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Re: Intro/Farewell(s)

Postby MI6 AGENT 007 » 6 July 2016, 22:04

IIShadeII wrote:
Seth Andres wrote:Names Seth Andres, your typical bitter Southern guy.

This forum is for whites only.


Racist.... anyone in this can intro themselves
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Re: Intro/Farewell(s)

Postby Nessa » 7 July 2016, 03:09

Hello, I'm Nessa.

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