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Re: Intro/Farewell(s)

Postby stfu » 26 February 2016, 17:30

my name chef aye            
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Re: Intro/Farewell(s)

Postby The Determined Frisk » 26 February 2016, 23:53

Just got In and leaving forums. Farewell.

The Determined Frisk
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Re: Intro/Farewell(s)

Postby Silent Aurora » 27 February 2016, 16:02

monkeyman2535 wrote:
The Determined Frisk wrote:Just got In and leaving forums. Farewell.

this basically sums up basically all of the pb2 forums

Avoid free-posting, this topic is only about introducing yourself or leaving, not discussion.
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Re: Intro/Farewell(s)

Postby Turtothian » 29 February 2016, 07:12

Hai there! I'm Turtothian but people call me turt. I joined Pb2 a couple years ago and recently made this account because I got bored or something and I never introduced myself so here it is! Also my second account is Alpha 7. Anyways, wassup? I like noodle cups and anime and I'm probably gonna have a sad future and that's all. So hai there!
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Re: Intro/Farewell(s)

Postby Ayano » 29 February 2016, 14:17

Hai Hai!
I just Joined three days ago..
well thats all i can say.
I find this lack of words on my post Disturbing >..>
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Re: Intro/Farewell(s)

Postby enlight » 15 March 2016, 23:01


I'm known as zigzagdown or lightwithin, I'm posting this from an alternate account.

I'm leaving the community for good, due to serious real life problems. I will be open for messaging but I won't be replying quickly. Might check in every once in a while. (Site PM is preferred)

To those I have not messaged for almost a month, I'm sincerely sorry. I hope you can forgive me and understand. To my closest ones here (you will know who you are) please send me a message on site/forum asap, I'd like to make my final goodbyes.

Again, sorry.

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Re: Intro/Farewell(s)

Postby Catacomb » 16 March 2016, 09:08

I was Euro the whole time, huehuehue.

Anyways, this place is cancer. I am permanently done here. I mainly lurked up until now, but I will no longer come to this site. I will probably not be playing PB2.5 due to the shit staff team.

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Re: Intro/Farewell(s)

Postby eugi » 17 March 2016, 15:46

Hello everyone. You may not have known me well, and you may not have ever heard of me. But I might be back. I've been here before, and have played the actual game for a while and have been on the forums for a few months.

I won't be anywhere near as active as I used to be, but meh. Maybe I'll start/join an FG.

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Re: Intro/Farewell(s)

Postby Freelancer Felix » 21 March 2016, 15:42

I'm leaving too catacomb. I agree with the bad staff team. I've gotten done with forums. A ban from it was all I needed to be able to stop wandering forums.
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Re: Intro/Farewell(s)

Postby Kostadin 8 » 27 March 2016, 22:53

hi my name's Kostadin 8 and i love playing random content.

the guy who everyone calls A noob is here
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Re: Intro/Farewell(s)

Postby The Algerian Soldier » 31 March 2016, 21:01

hi I'm Youcef :thank:
I'm player In PB2
I'm Muslim and let 'em die !
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Re: Intro/Farewell(s)

Postby Galaxy_Slayer 15 » 1 April 2016, 00:57


I enjoyed this game until it became crap. I Loved the community in 2014 but I think so many retards play it now even a dumbass could realize to get a life. Bye! :(

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Re: Intro/Farewell(s)

Postby Li Cre » 1 April 2016, 06:33

Hello, fellow players. My name is Li Cre and Ill be playing for today.
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I'm back!

Postby Hazardous48 » 10 April 2016, 19:04

Hey guys! I'm back! I was inactive for 6 months.
That's because I suffered a hit, but nothing bad.
I fell off a bike and slammed into a car.
But, I recovered from that little hit.
So, you can PM me all you want now! See ya'! Keep smiling,buraz :D
My PB2 Life
Spoiler: Show More
Hey guys,I'll be telling you how I found out PB2 existed.I was 15 and I liked gaming.I was playing Raze and at one point,my friend Alex told me about a game like Raze,but with multiplayer.I asked him ''What's the name of it?''.He didn't know the full name,but he only knew it's 2nd word was Burst and the number is 2.I remembered that I played a game called ''Plazma Burst:FTP''.I thought it might be the sequel,so I googled 'Plazma Burst 2'',and I saw ''(NOT ADVERTISING!).I used the website until I got AFK and I didn't play for a LONG LONG time.I discovered there was a offical website,I registered by the name ''Linxus'',and bam.It amazed me.I passed the campaign the day before my account got lost.I was Advanced Marine on Linxus.Then I registered 'DeadlyHronos'.I passed 25 levels,and one day,I went into the Multiplayer Unranked Unaprooved.I met B.Bowman there and she was my first friend.After time,I went into the chat and,still with Linxus,someone recruited me to Deadcampers,it was Kiriguraya.I logged into DeadlyHronos again,and I went on.That day when Linxus got lost,I used DeadlyHronos.Time went by,and DeadlyHronos also got lost.Then I made iPegasus.I was very happy because the name was not used.On May 31st,2015,I went into a match called 'DF Recruitment PW:1'.I talked to xMorganax and I asked can I stay.She said yes.Along with another clanmate,we did missions and training.She finally made me a member.Then,when I quit DF for some time,I updated my rank to Lite.I was very happy I got Lite.And now,As iPegasus got lost,I use Hazardous48.That's my story,ya'll.I hope you had fun reading it.And as always,keep smiling,buraz :D .

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Re: Intro/Farewell(s)

Postby Silent Aurora » 10 April 2016, 19:57

Theres a topic about introductions already,

Topic merged.
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Retiring. (Please move this to appropiate place if needed.)

Postby Charlie 5 Lives » 18 April 2016, 06:43

Lawlolawl, I don't even know where to post this. I remember there was a Farewell or a Welcome section somewhere in the forums, but I'm having a difficult time finding it as if I were Sherlock Holmes trying to solve Jack the Ripper. If it does exist, I would gladly appreciate it.

So, I'm just posting this to say that I'm retiring from PB2. Like global warming, it doesn't sound that much of a big deal, but it feels appropriate to say it to those who I play with or know me on the site. I've been on here for almost three years, and I can honestly say that despite how it's more time-consuming than watching a 18-hour long opera, it was worth it.

It's obvious that retiring from a video game sounds weird, and I won't go into detail about what I'm doing in the Human World that is causing me to retire, but I will tell what in the Internet World is causing me to. Most recently (recently = 7 months, lawlolawl) I've noticed most of my gaming buddies have either left, banned, forgot, or rarely play PB2 anymore. And as much as I am excited for PB2.5 or PB3 (can we get a PB3 before Half-Life 3?), I honestly don't see myself playing a game with buddies that are rarely or online anymore, which is just as ridiculous as drying yourself before a shower.

I would like to say thanks to all the mapmakers that helped me on my mapmaking for PB2 and for giving inspiration. I would also like to say thanks to all those who hated me in-game and kicked me. You guys gave me a good laugh. XD (pb2 plz fix votes zyztim) I might return to try out PB2.5, but I won't guarantee my staying. Have fun, guys. Remember my advice:

1. Bullet spam always wins the round.
2. More doors = Better SAW map.
3. Sniper maps are the laggiest maps.
4. Don't make nasty maps. Seriously. DO NOT make nasty maps.

Alright, adios, amigos. XD
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Re: Intro/Farewell(s)

Postby legofighter » 21 April 2016, 21:33

i guess im back or something

anyone even remember me?

ayy i'm back (again)
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Re: Intro/Farewell(s)

Postby Dandamage » 25 April 2016, 17:20

Hello. I'm Dandamage, but you can call be Dan.

I'm not really a new user, I actually joined back in 2011 or 2012, but I didn't interact much with the community until now, when the game needs the most.

I'm a level developer trying to be famous, a guy trying to revive PB2, your pal to share crazy stories and defend you from trolls, and a responsible friend when needed. I will also apply to be a staff member. Shh.
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Postby spirit9871 » 30 April 2016, 19:40

So... I felt the need to post this here mostly because there are a few things I want to say before I go and I know anyone from PB2 can read this post here.

As some of you may know, tomorrow is my 18th birthday, which is my date of retirement. Since I became active from last summer, I set this as the day I would leave mostly because I knew college wouldn't give me anymore air to breathe during my free time if I was going to take my education seriously. No, I did not leave because I "gave up on the community" or what-not; being in this community has taught me a lot more than I can repay.

From 2014 to now, it's safe to say that the community here is diverse enough in thought to really change the way I viewed things. I'm glad to have met many people here and have amazing discussions with them and am honored to see such people contributing to ideas I laid out, especially regarding the Revivalist Project. Many of you guys gave me a lot of hope and showed how the strength of a community bound together can really change things for the better.

I know many of you are wondering about the Revivalist Project and what will come out of it when I leave. The undeniable truth at this point is that the Revivalist Project did not succeed at its goals. I do not put the blame on anyone in the community other than myself; many of you have contributed and did your best in your spare time to see how you yourselves could help. My own planning is what had failed and I truly apologize to those of you who have put whatever you could into the movement. I am grateful for you all for at least trying and won't deny the fact that the community stood up when it had too, albeit it was too little too late. Whatever comes out of this Project is ultimately in the hands of you all, the community, as it was a fully community-oriented effort.

Ultimately, I just want to say thanks for everything guys, from the Staff that moderated this place to the common user brave enough to speak out their thoughts. Myself personally, I've already landed a college alongside an honors program I'm going to have to take seriously for the sake of myself and my family. It really was an amazing year being here and I don't regret any second of it. I may come back in 2.5, but I doubt I'll ever be as active as I was before. For myself, it's time to move on.

Take care ya'll. :)
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Re: Intro/Farewell(s)

Postby Xenophyte » 1 May 2016, 19:26

There is already an intro/farewell topic,

topics merged.

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