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Re: Intro/Farewell(s)

Postby ECC9 » 7 March 2020, 13:12

I'm out this shit. I had enough of you motherfckers. You can talk to me on Discord if you want to ECC9#6057.

Meet you at PB2.5

Discord: ECC9#6057

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Re: Intro/Farewell(s)

Postby Girl_Power » 7 March 2020, 22:03

ECC9 wrote:I'm out this shit. I had enough of you motherfckers. You can talk to me on Discord if you want to ECC9#6057.

Meet you at PB2.5


I'm guessing this is because of the mass-ban on Discord? Eh, I'm leaving this game soon anyway so...
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Moved onto other gaming platforms — Thanks for everything, guys.

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Re: Intro/Farewell(s)

Postby ECC9 » 8 March 2020, 10:51

no, nothin bout discord ban or any other bullshlt

just dont guess anything

Edit: I will reply to inbox messages on site.
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Re: Intro/Farewell(s)

Postby mrblake213 » 10 March 2020, 02:22

Girl_Power wrote:I'm guessing this is because of the mass-ban on Discord? Eh, I'm leaving this game soon anyway so...

It's silly for you to assume that everyone leaves because of what happened in Discord. While I personally condemn the actions, what happened in Discord does not have a direct effect on the playerbase count.

Most people leave because of their impatientness when it comes to updates and because they're bored and tired of what they see everyday.

In my opinion, no one or rarely people leave because of the toxicity and the "unfairness" that happens with staff.

Like any other controversy, this will just pass away; people will forget it and everything will come back to normal in a few days.
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Re: Intro/Farewell(s)

Postby Sgt Dwayne » 10 March 2020, 20:18

In addition to what Blake said, people who are waiting for updates or new games with no patience are seeking for things that will be used as their excuse to leave.
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Re: Intro/Farewell(s)

Postby phsc » 18 March 2020, 08:04

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Re: Intro/Farewell(s)

Postby Green Eyed Demon » 1 April 2020, 03:35

I won't bother writing a wall of text, if you know me then you know my opinion about this community, some people were/are worth my time and the rest, not so much. Anyone thinking I enjoyed interacting with them, you can message me on site for my Discord ID, I'll be checking my inbox for a while, I'm leaving this crap behind for good and I won't be back for 2.5.

Goodbye?Nah, screw that. Peace out
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Postby Cucumber0 » 16 July 2020, 19:02

Hello, I am cucumber04 and for some reason I lost the 4 from my name, anyways now I actually realised utilizing the forums is a thing of beauty to do, I am going to be using it now since I have left the game. Past issues have been dealt with and now I think of finding a job as I am close to finishing college (actually I am 20 and I have 2 years left to finish college) so yeah I will be active on the forums.
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After Decmeber 2020, I'm gone

Postby EOw » 9 August 2020, 16:22

I sit at the table, looking at my school loaned Chromebook. Plazma Burst 2 is on the screen. I play a Paul308-base map, and while I play, something keeps bothering me. It is Flash Player leaving on December 31, 2020. I will give a little background on why I'm worried:

At my house, we have two computers. One of them is my dad's to use for coding, the second is the family computer(We aren't really allowed to play games on it). But, my brother, sister and I have three computers. These computers come from the school district, and every student has one. They are "only to be used for learning", and the district has a filter system. Very hard to bypass.

So, in 6th grade(Either September or October of 2018)someone showed me a link to a gaming website. I tapped it, and I was put into a world of games(The website got banned after). Most of the game were okay, but one day after I found the website, my finger slipped, and I pressed a game. It was Plazma Burst 2.

At first, I was a little skeptical of the game, but after playing the first level, I found out what a masterpiece it was. However, the game had so much lag, it was impossible to play the game. So, I did some research and I found out that I could play the game on the main website.

I doubted that I could get to the website with the filter system and all, but I managed to get it. I quickly saved the link, and I found out about Multiplayer.

2019 was an eventful year for me. I played the whole year as a Guest, finished all 42 levels, learned about Mingo1. At the same time, I was looking about how to make an account. The hardest part was the last one, with converting the letters into numbers.

So, a year passed until January of 2020. On January 13, I was depressed as my favorite website(Quora)got banned by the filter. So, I seeked revenge. I went back to the Plazma Burst 2 website, and was able to make an account. On January 14 2020, EOw was born.

I enjoyed most of 2020, and I held onto Plazma Burst 2, as COVID-19 raged on, losing a girl named Carly, and civil unrest about BLM. But, this game held onto me as well.

The day I found out about Flash Player leaving, I was shocked. Until the moment, I never really realized about how much Flash Player really kept PB2 going. I found out from Mingo1 that I needed to download the game, and that is where my story on PB2 may come to an end.

I may have evaded the school filter system for THREE years, but when it comes to downloading, I have lost. First of all, PB2 falls into "Game Sites" on the filter system, and there is no way I can download this. My parents wouldn't allow it.

My 190 friends, I want to say thank you for making 2020 a good year on PB2. I know some people won't miss me(The people that hate me are all idiots by the way), and I won't miss some other people(Also idiots), but I will miss my friends.

On December 31, 2020(The day Flash leaves), will be the last day on PB2. If I am somehow able to play the game without downloading it on January 1, 2021, I'll still play. But if I don't I want to say thank you to everyone who was nice to me here.

I think personally, I might be the most dedicated player here. That might seem like modest shit, but I speak the truth. I have played the game while evading filter systems, bans, and annoying kids.

So, thank you.


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Re: Intro/Farewell(s)

Postby Build » 17 September 2020, 15:33

I'm updating my status here. (No this is not a farewell)

You may know me as Defensive/Avre/Build
(Such creative names)

In someways, I've been in this community for years now and it evolved me so much from this community as a map maker since 2015

I either find it great or not, It will be in my heart that i've been apart of this community, Especially in PB2 Discord
(people who entertained me like thetoppestkek,Silk1,Metaphoric Tree Hugger,LazyRain,Even nastypop !!! )

I've distanced myself from all the actions I've done in the past which some people can't forget like that "admiral" guy, I always wonder what's the best for me to begin a fresh new start. I really want to be in disguised as a different person just because i'm ashamed of my past, But I will always be better when the people I mentioned above are always active with me.

I'll see you until quarantine ends :o
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Postby NeonPlayer » 1 November 2020, 23:35

The names in topic name are one of the most known players(1 person own them - me).
So it is an a topic about them
NeonCat - The most known person in june 2019,the only mapmaker that made "up-spawning" ai (spawning in air above the floor).The favorite skin is star defender,forgotten for now and only his pb2 friends think about him.
SaiMrCat - one of the most known new mapmakers in august.Favourite skin is dt android.Have a lot of friends,and small count of enemies.Forgotten.
Bio-1 - one of the most known pb2 persons 2019-2020 january.Very experienced mapmaker,great still and third person who got pb2 experemental version.
Xier44 - one of the most known person in pb2 best player asp list,was there on 70th place and went from list due to inactivity.
Yes,im the meh that was known as these names (its my new acc that i will left after this)
Thank everyone who supported me,i think i will never come back to pb2

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Re: Intro/Farewell(s)

Postby broforce1 » 12 November 2020, 21:28



no farewells yet.
Patients is always de Key :P
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ZE Epic Chief intro

Postby Master Chief 0 » 18 November 2020, 12:50

Hello Gentlemen and ladies, I'm master chief, and I came up here to screw up everything, your community will have the best times in the future unless if I stayed in that community and didn't leave, I don't have friends, I hate most of the things in this community despite the Good Singleplayer, and everybody hates me a lot.

Well, I left discord, though it was better, I always try to find the right things to do as well as you always can see.
so I rather stay on earth, fight with my colleagues, and stay still forever, I'm fearless, I'm the hero of combat, I'm the chief!

(0) the definition of the zero on my name means that I'm the only one who is not cloned, the classic, but sadly, my brain is kinda damaged so you are gonna see me act unlike the master chief that you know, my life was ruff, my captain potato, died due to a car accident
so what then, i think I will quit and leave this community but before I will complete my objective for sure then I will announce my retirement.
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My retirement.

Postby Hoxxerae » 22 November 2020, 17:10

Well this was going to happen anyway, but im leaving plazma burst. It has been a great game! This is a message to my friends, bye... so long partners..

@ noobish warrior

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Re: Intro/Farewell(s)

Postby mr ciaran » 24 November 2020, 01:40

Gushy and overall excessively lengthy exit monologue incoming. I don't even know why I went all out for a pointlessly excessive post, directed to... no one... but myself?

I suppose it is time for me to leave. It's been a decent 10 years playing the PB franchise, and a decent 8 or so years in the latest installment, with all of it's impressive-for-a-flash-game features. There are only a scarce few old friends on now, and there's not much else I can do in multiplayer or the ALE - not that I've "done it all." Getting this dusty old account back, and reading the PMs made me think about how much I have played this game over my life, and I reap only mild personal embarrassment for playing such an old game for so long.

Honestly, I have amnesia about what I did and who I met back 8-6 years ago, but it's evident that I had a great time doing it (except for posting scrumptiously refined calzone marinade in site chat).

By the way, many thanks, Eric, for not questioning my request to "reset" my kill/death count to 420/96, when data was lost, and you opened up the possibility of requesting a stat reset. Fond memory... or meme-ory. Also, thanks Demian for banning me when I broke one of the worst rules right in front of you. Thanks Doom for lifting the ban. And thanks Tempus for re-enabling this account for me.

I would say thanks to my old friends, but my amnesia, and probably your eyes would like to disagree. At least to the embellishment of the gratitude.

Here are all the alts I've had, for no-one's curiosity's sake.
Spoiler: Show More
This one, zyraxovykionikkiaquassa, zyra xov, xavi qo kezav, zeij khiazeukh, taciturn zeij, reticent khaxiq, verecund zhavix, mr ciaran is the one the one, umbral flux, and verecund gazelle

I swear there were more, but I forget. Anyways, now for the hypocritical part, I might check inbox occasionally, and post on here once in a Paleblood Moon, and you may add me on discor- now this is just pointless information that even any subhuman sleuth can find out or surmise. All of this is, if I think about it for about 1.7*10^-1 seconds.

Anyways, if I couldn't've said it in far less words, farewell.

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Re: Intro/Farewell(s)

Postby xElijah » 4 December 2020, 17:48

Thanks everyone for a great time in this game and farewell.
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Re: Intro/Farewell(s)

Postby Gashadokuro » 11 December 2020, 14:09

My time has come.
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Re: Intro/Farewell(s)

Postby Kush Qrox » 11 December 2020, 18:12

Gashadokuro wrote:My time has come.

You won't be forgotten, hence known forever in our hearts.

Take care of yourself, friend. ;)

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Re: Intro/Farewell(s)

Postby broforce1 » 12 December 2020, 20:32

Gashadokuro wrote:My time has come.

are you leaving?
Patients is always de Key :P
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It Was Fun

Postby BlvxkByrd » 18 December 2020, 01:31

Hey guys, for those who don't know me allow me to introduce myself. I am blackbird and I have been playing this game for a very, very long time. Since 2011 I have gotten to meet alot of great and not so great people and I have gotten into alot of nonsense over the years. I have fought in more clan wars than any other player, I have been in notable clans such as Genocide, Apex Predators, GSA, EKAT, Silence, so on and so forth. I have also had the pleasure to successfully lead the Itami clan for awhile. Those who have heard talks of me challenged me with arrogance and those who had made this mistake of following through their challenges had the misfortune of seeing why there were ever talks of people hating me to begin with. I was heavily involved in clan politics and even got deep into the workings of the staff, having even performed jobs for Eric Gurt from time to time. People didn't like me for a number of reasons. I was cocky, petty, an a**hole, mentally unstable at times and went to extreme unnecessary lengths at times for no clear reason but I got stuff done. However, I am very intelligent and the one thing people know for a fact about me is that I am dangerously manipulative. You couldn't even hold a basic conversation with me because it would still be about whatever I wanted you to believe that would benefit me either in the moment or later down the line. Common criticism goes along the lines of "You're bragging about this over a flash game" yet it's more than that. It's who I am and I am the one and only Blackbird. I was able to secure high ranks in clans simply just by asking, that was the influence I had in my prime. All I had to say was "because I'm blackbird" and the rest fell into place. Naturally as I declined and became irrelevant it bothered me that I had lost that ability but It was all fun, at least to me it was. I never really took friendships or anything online too seriously although now, I have a different tune.

I have been here throughout the game's entire history, I have been through both the good times and bad times. I have only gone inactive from time to time for a few months at a time only to return and that was simply because I had fun here. I get bored easily and I always found the drama and toxicity of PB2 to be rather amusing. However that's long over, as some of you know I got into a military and security career and that has been eating away much of my time. I have also been in a serious relationship for a couple years now and I'm thinking about proposing soon. I have risen above the limitations I was born into and now have responsibilities that come with the success I've obtained for myself. That is why I am announcing my official retirement from this game. I know some of you laugh at these, I used to too but it's different when you've invested so much time and interaction into something. I have seen people come and go throughout the entire duration of PB2's lifespan and quite a few of them I still keep in contact with. I'm done with PB2 and I wish you all luck and happiness in your lives and endeavors. Also, duh. Of course I was going to brag a little, I am still a cocky little sh!t! I love you Tempus :)
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