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Re: Intro/Farewell(s)

Postby Girl_Power » 18 February 2023, 03:18

mrblake213 wrote:Hi!

This might come as a shock but...

Nooooooooo! Blakeeee! Not my favourite Filipino!
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Re: Intro/Farewell(s)

Postby Resi » 16 March 2023, 16:57

Hey! Long time no see.

I originally quit due to wanting to improve my personal ife.

I've since managed to do that! After fighting through almost a decade of depression, I feel much more satisfied with myself and have a better life.

I know I was an ass to plenty of people here before, so I sincerely apologize for that. Specially to the staff team.

I've been going to therapy, taking some meds and other stuff.

I probably won't rejoin the discord server and I probably won't be here for too long since I just wanted to update some maps and I'm considering finishing a map I originally cancelled years ago.

A lot of the changes made to the game after I left seem pretty good.
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