How'd You Come across Your PB2 Username?

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Re: How'd You Come across Your PB2 Username?

Postby Colonel Michu » 10 November 2023, 21:30

It's a simple story. Colonel because I was very into military stuff in 2016 and wanted to give myself a high rank but not too high. Michu because it's one of the diminutive forms of my real name (Michał). In some games I wanted to call myself "Col. Michu", but where I couldn't put a dot (and a space) I replaced it with the letter "x". Currently it's an old username that has a sentimental meaning for me, as now I'm using various nicknames on other sites.

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Re: How'd You Come across Your PB2 Username?

Postby pwnrofpwnrz » 15 April 2024, 03:50

It all started in 2011 specifically for this game. The term "pwn" or "get pwned" means to get owned and was still a bit relevant at the time (although dying out slowly) which is mainly what my name is based on. I wanted to make a unique name that was quirky and unlike others and it also just sounded really cool to me as my young self ;). Pretty much my name means I am the player who kills the other good players in the game and the name has stuck with me for many years even on other platforms and games besides pb2!

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