Advanced Level Editor -- Custom Decorations Guidelines

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Advanced Level Editor -- Custom Decorations Guidelines

Postby Tempus » 16 July 2020, 03:52

Hello everyone!

As you might know, you can post custom images in the level editor and use them as decorations or backgrounds. To let other players see and use them, they will have to get approved by the approval team first.

Here are the criterias that the images need to follow in order to be approved:
1. The images need to follow the Plazma Burst Code of Conduct.
2. The images need to be copyright free or your own creation.
3. The images should not be too big or too small for what they are.
4. The images should have transparent background if they intended to have one (images that have checkers pattern at background does not mean transparency).
5. Before you request an image for approval, make sure that there is not an image like it already.
6. Before you post the image, make sure that it's on high quality.
7. Make sure that the name you give to the image is not trademarked.
8. Keep the names as simple as possible so players could search them in the future[In the case when you name a gun or an acessory(helmets,hats,outfits or armors) make sure you provide the correct scale and offsets too].
9. Nation flags or trademark symbols are not allowed.

- Make sure that the name you give to the image is correct because after the image gets approved, the name can't be changed.
- Images take about 1 or 2 days to be reviewed by the team (Don't message any staff member to get your image approved, or else the image will get rejected).
- You can use images from other games or from the internet but they need to edited or remade to fit the graphics of Plazma Burst 2.

Here below you can see some examples:
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