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Plazma Burst Staff

Postby Tempus » 13 September 2019, 23:28

Developer / Owner

UnrealCrash aka Eric Gurt -- Website Link | Forum Link

Administrator [Admin]

[Admin] Tempus -- Website Link | Forum Link

[Admin] Doomzerker -- Website Link | Forum Link

[Admin] Kiriakos Gr96 -- Website Link | Forum Link

Head Moderator [Head Moderator]

[Head Moderator] tehswordninja -- Website Link | Forum Link

[Head Moderator] Wasted Time -- Website Link | Forum Link

Moderator [Mod]

[Moderator] darkstar 1 -- Website Link | Forum Link

[Moderator] Golden1 -- Website Link | Forum Link

Support Staff [ST]

Trial Staff [TS]

If you would like to join the staff team please read the application and requirements. Every month there is staff evaluation and if the standards are not followed you will be reverted back to a normal user. Please take note before applying and understand that you should not apply if you cannot fulfill the requirements.

Staff Recruitment Post Make sure to fully read what the post says, If you fail to follow everything said there, your application will be automatically declined.
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