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Plazma Burst Code of Conduct - Official Rules

Postby Eric Gurt » 1 May 2018, 17:36

This document details the official rules of Plazma Burst 2, along with recommended consequences for reference in the case of any violations of these rules. By playing Plazma Burst 2, registering for an account, and/or using our social spaces (forums and Discord server), you are agreeing to be held to these rules.

These rules are intended to keep the game’s environment and community appropriate, accessible, and enjoyable for all of its members, and are subject to change if and when its staff team sees fit. Using loopholes to evade or bypass the rules will result in appropriate consequences. Enforcement of these rules is still at the discretion of each staff member, but it is highly recommended that staff members apply appropriate punishments.

Most of Plazma Burst 2's rules can be summed up in 3 words: "Treat people respectfully."

All rules listed below apply to all official aspects of the Plazma Burst domain, including the game, forums, and Discord server.

1. General Conduct
2. Your Account
3. Gameplay
4. Maps and the Level Editor
5. The Forums
6. Reports, Mutes, Bans, and the Appeal Process


1.1 Respect all players and members of the community.
1.1.1 Cursing/swearing is permitted, but be mindful of your language. Do not curse/swear excessively.
1.1.2 Cursing, swearing, or disrespectful language, when directed at another member of the community, is prohibited.
1.1.3 Purposefully creating a hostile environment for other members or inciting unnecessary drama is prohibited.
1.1.4 Making purposefully false accusations, harassing other members of the community with reports, or falsifying evidence is prohibited.
1.1.5 Respect other players’ playstyles; camping, bullet spraying, killing other players, etc. are permitted.

1.2 Do not discuss prohibited, offensive, or inappropriate topics.
1.2.1 Inappropriate content includes but is not limited to:
  1. Racist, sexist, or discriminatory content
  2. Hatred toward any individual or group
  3. Nudity, pornography, or sexual content, real or simulated
  4. Gory, disgusting, or “shock” content
  5. Dangerous or illegal content
1.2.2 The following types of content are also prohibited.
  1. Any link, message, or image that violates the privacy of others
  2. Links disguised as other messages
  3. Links that automatically initiate a download
  4. Jumpscares
  5. Persistent/aggressive advertisement for other groups, games, chatrooms, websites, or products
1.2.3 Sharing personal information (images, data, etc.) without the permission of those who it belongs to is prohibited.
1.2.4 Sharing your own personal information is strongly opposed. Plazma Burst staff cannot control the spread of this information once it is out.
1.2.5 Spreading misinformation of any kind, including but not limited to the topics below, is prohibited.
  1. COVID-19 and vaccine safety
  2. Historical events
  3. Current political events
1.2.6 Discussing religion and politics are permitted, but be respectful of others’ views and keep conversations civil.
1.2.7 Private messages and channels may be used to discuss topics usually prohibited in public. Note that any platforms outside of Plazma Burst official domain are not under Plazma Burst staff moderation, but are still subject to the terms and conditions of their respective owners.
  1. Do not invite people to channels where such topics are being discussed without their prior agreement.
  2. Do not send players inappropriate or offensive content without their prior agreement.
1.2.8 Do not maliciously troll or incite arguments.
1.2.9 Do not spam, or send useless or meaningless messages.
1.2.10 Do not flood, or spread multiple useless messages over a series of (3+) lines with the intent to disrupt chat.
1.2.11 Plazma Burst does not have an official clan system and does not endorse or claim affiliation with any clan, group, or associated activities.
  1. Discussion of clans is permitted.
  2. No clan or group will be given special treatment by Plazma Burst staff, and staff will not intervene in clan affairs.
  3. Claiming affiliation or official status is prohibited.

1.3 Use only English when using public Plazma Burst platforms for communication, as Plazma Burst staff cannot consistently moderate other languages. Other languages are permitted in private messages and personal channels.


2.1 Do not share your account and account information; Plazma Burst staff will never need or ask for your password.
2.1.1 Do not log into accounts that are not your own.
2.1.2 You as the account owner are responsible for the activities attached to your account.
  1. We do not recommend using proxy connections or VPN’s to access PB2 as this may put you at risk of joining an IP network containing banned IP addresses.
  2. Players sharing a connection may be held responsible for any and all activity linked to that connection.

2.2 Your site login, nickname, profile, and signature may not contain any inappropriate content.
2.2.1 Logins, nicknames, profile fields, or signatures must not contain any of the following:
  1. Swearing
  2. Racial slurs
  3. Sexual references
  4. Insults or threats
2.2.2 Impersonation of other players or Plazma Burst staff is prohibited.


3.1 Any form of cheating, hacking, or abuse of game mechanics is prohibited.

3.2 Farming kills, deaths, player points, map ratings, and level developer rank is prohibited. Farming is the act of transferring these metrics intentionally from another account that is controlled by you or a friend, either directly or indirectly.

3.3 Abusing the match creation mechanic, including by creating matches with inappropriate titles or flooding the server lobby, is prohibited.

3.4 Abusing the kick and ping limit mechanics is prohibited.
3.4.1 Do not kick players from public matches without a meaningful reason.
3.4.2 Do not initiate a ping limit vote for the purpose of excluding all match participants or closing matches.
3.4.3 Game-masters of private matches may run their own matches as they wish, as long as their activities do not violate the code of conduct such as being rude, disrespectful, or cheating.

3.5 Staying in matches for excessive periods while AFK is prohibited and may result in being kicked.


4.1 All custom maps should not contain any inappropriate content in the map ID, name, description, or structure.
4.1.1 Avoid using copyrighted audio. Currently, the only platform for music sources is Newgrounds. [How to add a song from Newgrounds: ... 26&t=22977]
4.1.2 Custom decorations should be original and appropriate. Copyrighted images and property are prohibited. [Custom Decorations Guidelines: ... 16&t=24537]
4.1.3 Maps that cause intentional crashing of game clients or other software are prohibited.

4.2 Copying a closed-source map without the original creator’s permission is prohibited.
4.2.1 If the original creator’s permission is given, credit given to the creator and a link to the original map is recommended.
4.2.2 An open-sourced map does not have protection from being copied, even if its source is closed later.

4.3 Map ratings and comments should be kept fair, appropriate, and civil.
4.3.1 Rating a map without playing the map is prohibited.
4.3.2 Giving or threatening to give a player’s maps low ratings out of spite or to lower their level developer rank (i.e. ragevoting) is prohibited.
4.3.3 If a low rating is given to a map, it is recommended but not required to offer some feedback or explanation along with the rating, especially to avoid confusion with ragevoting.


5.1 Forum posts and discussions should be kept relevant and on-topic.
5.1.1 The forum is divided into sections to aid in organization and clarity; community members should do their best to post under a relevant heading. Staff will assist with clarifying topics and moving discussions to appropriate sections, but repeated or intentional disruption of forum sections is prohibited.
5.1.2 Creation of off-topic or meaningless posts is prohibited. Posts that are off-topic will be removed. If it doesn't fit the category/section, it will be moved to the correct category/section.
5.1.3 Forum posts should be legible and concise. Posting in difficult formats is prohibited.
  1. Do not use an oversized or undersized font size.
  2. Do not use an overly bright or dull font color.
  3. Do not quote excessively large blocks of text. Use spoilers to quote images or other media.
  4. Titles should be relevant to their topic; clickbait titles are prohibited.
  5. Do not include links in post titles.
5.1.4 Bumping your own topics to move them to the top of the forum is prohibited.
5.1.5 Vandalizing your own posts or destructively editing them without deleting them is prohibited.
5.1.6 Using the edit feature is highly recommended. Double-posts should only be used with good reason.
5.1.7 Inactive threads are automatically archived or deleted, so posting on an old topic (i.e. necroposting) is permitted.
5.1.8 Before starting a new topic, check to ensure an existing topic on the same subject does not exist. This helps to cut down on duplicates.
5.1.9 Use correct English, spelling, and grammar to the best of your ability.

5.2 Forum signatures longer than three lines of standard text or a 125px image are prohibited.


6.1 The report button on player accounts should be used to flag profiles or posts for staff to look at.
6.2 More formal reports should be filed either on a ticket on the Plazma Burst Discord or on our support site:
  1. Plazma Burst Discord:
  2. Support site:
6.3 Evidence should be provided with a report and provided evidence should be thorough and with as little cropping as possible. Reports without proper evidence may be dismissed.

6.4 Plazma Burst staff hold the right of delivering a more severe consequence for a violation of rules without previous warning.
6.5 Plazma Burst staff hold the right to not provide the affected user with the reason or evidence for a mute or ban.
6.6 Resisting or ignoring warnings made by Plazma Burst staff will result in more severe consequences should future violations occur.

6.7 If you are warned, muted, or banned for any reason on any part of Plazma Burst domain, you have the right to contact Plazma Burst staff and appeal it if you believe it was made in error, or that the punishment was unjustified.
6.7.1 As above, appeals can be made either on a ticket on the Plazma Burst Discord or on our support site.
6.7.2 Reports and appeals should be made through official channels and not through private messages to Plazma Burst staff. Reports and appeals made through private messages may be ignored.
6.7.3 Reports and appeals should only be made by the affected user and not on behalf of someone else. Reports and appeals made on behalf of other users may be ignored.
6.7.4 Appeals should only be sent once with only one additional follow-up after a few days, multiple appeals will make the process slower and creating too many appeals could be considered as spam.

6.8 Attempting to evade a mute or ban by any means (changing internet connection, creating new accounts, etc.) is prohibited.
6.8.1 Appeals to lift mutes or bans after an attempt to evade has occurred will be denied.
6.8.2 Any attempt to evade a mute or ban forfeits ownership of your account immediately.

6.9 Players found encouraging violations of the code of conduct may be held responsible for the actions that they encouraged.

6.10 Refrain from acting as a Plazma Burst staff member (i.e. minimodding, backseating, backseat modding) when staff are active. The best way to help the staff team out is by reporting violations on the appropriate platforms.

[center]The Plazma Burst Community Staff (Administrators/Head Moderators/Moderators/Support Members) reserve the right to ban, block, suspend, or otherwise prevent any player from using any service of or related to Plazma Burst for any reason at any time. This applies to the game, site, chat, forums, site messaging service, and forum messaging service.[/center]

[center]The Code of Conduct was last updated on September 21, 2022.[/center]
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