Inappropriate Matches Classifications

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Inappropriate Matches Classifications

Postby Kazy » 9 April 2017, 17:19

Hello fellow Users.

Recently there has been a short "moan up" about inappropriate matches and how preventation in that kind of matter works.
We have also noticed that some people use "inappropriate" matches as an excuse to shut down matches which are completly fine, such as "no guests" and "no users" matches. That said is not allowed!
This post is a reminder on how rule enforcing works for ingame match names and on what we classify as 'inappropriate' as well as what you can do to help us.

> Only the Site Staff Team is responsible for shutting down ingame matches. Nuking matches on your own, especially without screenshots as proof will get you warned and/or banned.

> If you see an inappropriate match, try to spot the match creator. Talk to the people who are in the match and report the user who is responsible for it. Use the site reporting feature for that or pm one of the moderators, of course with screenshots of the match name and the creator.

> If the whole Staff Team is not available, refer to what's been written above^.

> What we see as 'inappropriate match':
- Matches made for inappropriate actions, content and behavior inside of them
- Matches with inappropriate names, this counts excessive swearing; name-shaming; inappropriate phrases
- Matches created for clan activity may be shut down if it comes to what has been listed first.

On an extra note, we now have an ingame filtering system which actually prevents users from creating matches with inappropriate names.
However, if you see a match which you think has an inappropriate or disturbing name feel free to contact us about so we can update the filter.

That's it for now.
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