How to Report a User to Staff

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How to Report a User to Staff

Postby DoomWrath » 9 February 2017, 18:18

Hello Community!

This is a post outlining how to most efficiently report a user, should you desire action to be taken against them. This is mostly common sense, however may be useful to people who have not had to report anybody before.

How and why should I report someone?

You should report someone if they're breaking the Code of Conduct. If the act is minor, such as calling someone a "noob", or using a few too many curse words, the best place to report this player is on their profile using the "Report player's account" button. This type of report marks the user's account as having broken the rules, site staff will take action if necessary.

This button looks like this:
Spoiler: Show More

Your profile report should include the following information:
- A simple, clear statement of what the offending player did wrong
- A link to a screenshot, screenshots, or video proof

For Example:
Spoiler: Show More

With a more serious offence, such as threats of hackings or harm, insults that make you or others feel offended or threatened, or acts such as sharing personal details and links to harmful websites, you should contact the staff directly. You should send a message to one staff member explaining who the person is, what they did, and screenshot or video proof.

You can make this report using either the site inbox or forum inbox, and it will usually be addressed within 48 hours. Action against the offending player such as a warning or suspension may be taken depending on the severity of incident and quality of report.

You can find a list of staff members here or here on the main site, or here on the forums.

Your direct message report should include the following information:
- A clear and meaningful message title
- The username of the offending player
- A link to their account
- The time the offence occurred
- An explanation of the incident
- Screenshots or video proof of the incident

For Example:
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Likewise, you can use a similar format to report players directly to staff members in the chatroom, however they may ask you to make an inbox report if they are currently busy. You should only report more serious incidents to staff members in the chatroom.

For Example:
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If you want to report a user on the forum for any reason, simply use the "report" button on their post, and staff will automatically be alerted.

The "Report" button on the forums looks like this:
Spoiler: Show More

You will then be prompted to choose a reason for reporting, which you can choose from a drop-down menu:
Spoiler: Show More

You can also add extra information if you think it necessary:
Spoiler: Show More

Once you click "Submit", your report is immediately made available to all staff members online.

What counts as proof?

Proof should be a screenshot or video of the incident. No other proof is accepted. Videos and screenshots should not be edited or cropped, and should include the entire game or chat window.

For example:
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How NOT to report a player:

Avoid the following mistakes if you wish to have your reports taken seriously by site staff:

- Not directing a report to a staff member
- Failing to include what the player actually did wrong
For Example:
Spoiler: Show More

- Posting just a screenshot and no other context
For Example:
Spoiler: Show More

- Reporting every single player you see directly to staff in the chat
For Example:
Spoiler: Show More

Follow this simple advice. It makes life easier for the staff, and makes taking action on your reports far more efficient.

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