[OLD] Happy New Year!

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[OLD] Happy New Year!

Postby Kazy » 1 January 2017, 18:04

Hey there Community!

We hope you all have had a great night with a lot of big bangs and partys altogether with the your friends and/or your family. :D
Anyways, 2016 has been a quite rough year full of happenings and memories. Hence why todays is also the day to announce a few future changes and stuff which the Staff Team's planning to do for this year.
Such as:

- Revive StaffPlays
- Establish an Official Stream for StaffPlays and other matters on Twitch
- Set up a tutorial page for triggerfunctions of the Advanced Level Editor including a "walkthrough function"
- New events
- More Tutorials
- Artwork

So this is it for now.
We wish you all a happy, healthy and awesome time for 2017!

~ The Plazma Burst Staff Team
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