A Reminder About Post Quality

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A Reminder About Post Quality

Postby DoomWrath » 25 August 2016, 22:16

Hello Community!

This is a simple reminder to some community members that the purpose of the forums is to have a place to discuss topics regarding Plazma Burst and the world around us in detail. Please ensure when you are posting to the forums, the topics you create and the replies you make are constructive and useful.

- Use full sentences, correct spelling, proper English in your topic or reply.

- Post in detail, include plenty of information in your topic or reply.

- Don't post for the sake of posting, only reply to topics if you have something useful to add.

- If posting a problem or question, include a clear and detailed description so everyone reading understands.

- If posting a suggestion or new feature, explain in detail what you are suggesting, how it will work, and why it's needed.

Following are a few examples of recent posts.

Here is an example of a good post, this post provides multiple points of discussion as well as the just the poster's opinion:

Spoiler: Show More

Here are some examples of bad posts, these posts add nothing helpful to the forums:

Spoiler: Show More

This message is not for everyone, however we deem it necessary due to our current average post quality. Site staff will be deleting posts and topics that do not make any useful contribution to the forums. Warnings may also be issued.

Kind Regards,
Plazma Burst Staff

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