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Plazma Burst 2 - Basics

Postby Kazy » 9 May 2016, 12:59

Before you continue, be sure that you've read the rules which can be found here .

Hey! You're new to Plazma Burst 2 and you got no clue what do to? Don't worry, in this post you can find the basics of:
The game, the site and the forum

Just scroll down and click the 'spoiler' bars of your choice.

The Game
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Game Mechanics.
First of all, we have 3 different categorys of matches:

  • Ranked: Will give PP (player points) and increase Kill and Deaths.
  • Unranked: Will increase Kill and Deaths.
  • Custom: Don't reward anything, maps created by users to roleplay, play a saw, etc.

Match creation:

Game types:
  • DM: Stands for Dead Match, and this an All vs All map. No teams, unless you want to team up with another player, still you are at risk of killing him.
  • TDM: Stands for Team Death Match, and this an Red vs Blue map. Only 2 teams and the objective is killing the most players to win points. 1 kill = 1 point
  • COOP: Stands for cooperative, and this a Team vs Team match. It can have more than 2 teams, and after you kill the WHOLE enemy team, you win a point.

Advanced Search:

The Advanced Search is really usefull to search specific matches, for name, type, id, etc.


By pressing the TAB key, you can view the scoreboard, Player with the highest KDR (kills death ratio) Will be shown first.
Also it has more utilities like:
View profile button, will display the user's profile in a new tab.
Kick button, will vote for excluding certain users.
Dead camera, when you die, will allow you to spectate a certain user.

Extra Features:
- Spectator mode: When a match is full, or you just want to spectate a certain match you can press the eye and you will be automatically spectating that match.
- Kicking: By pressing the X mentioned before, you can vote to exclude users out of a match. A certain user will need the kick vote of at least more than the 75% of the players in the game to be excluded.
- Ping: Your connection speed to the servers, if it goes higher than 1000, you will be automatically disconected from the match, if you wish you can change the limit from 1000 to a number higher than 10 simply by typing -ping "number".
- Game master: The game master is the creator of a certain match. This users can: Kick any other player instantly, Set a ping instantly. And this user can not be kicked. Warning, this feature only works on PRIVATE MATCHES

Server selection:

Select the best server in order to your connection, aka, the server where you have less ping. For example if you live in Europe, you should press the arrow next to the name, and switch to the Europe server.

The Site
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Overview of site features and stuff:

The inbox:
The site provides a messaging system called 'Inbox messaging'. You can send inbox messages to other users and those can send you messages as well.

Edit Profile:

The forum
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User control panel:

That's it. Check the 'Tutorials' section if you want to know more about certain things.
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