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Twitter @PlazmaBurstTeam

Postby Tempus » 23 February 2017, 08:09


We're giving you a unique opportunity to share your Events, YouTube videos, fan-art and maps with the community through the PlazmaBurst Twitter page. This is meant to share and promote Plazma Burst content.

If you have a Plazma Burst [ Event ] to share;
• URL of the event.
• Small information about your event.

If you have a Plazma Burst [ YouTube Video ] to share;
• URL of the Video.
• YouTube Username.

If you have Plazma Burst [ Fan Art ] to share;
• URL of the Image.
• Username you wish to be credited with.

If you're a [ Level Developer ] and have a Map you wish to share;
• Link to the Map Page.
• If possible, provide a small preview of the map.

Note: Your fanart / YouTube Video must be in good quality.

If you have something epic to share send a PM / Inbox through;

Forum PM - Tempus
PB2 Inbox - Tempus
-Please choose one method of contact. Don't send a inbox or PM through both-

Follow the PlazmaBurst Developer on twitter @

Follow us on twitter @

Follow us on FaceBook @

Thank you!

Tempus - Plazma Burst Administrator

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