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Site Chat: Information

Postby Ilmarinen » 29 January 2016, 16:24

Hello Community!

We have released a new site chat. This is a self-moderating chatroom based off a karma points system. Staff members are still present to regulate the flow of karma, and answer any questions you may have during your time on Plazma Burst 2, and to moderate chat.

How the karma system works:

- You enter with 2 karma. If you have under 10 karma, you cannot type in chat.
- You can gain karma to chat in one of three ways:
1. A staff member may give you enough karma to begin
2. Other players may give you enough karma to chat
3. Or your karma may increase slowly over time.
- Any player can reduce or add karma to another player, at the cost of their own. This means anyone can exclude a rude or abusive player.

- Staff members have infinite karma, if you use all of yours to remove an abusive player, they may top you up.
- You can also create your own channels and invite codes using karma.

How to use Karma:

- Use the options to lower or add karma. You can allow/disallow players from chatting by rising their karma over 10.


"There are not so many rules - just be nice to other people in chat and use your karma points when you feel there is a need in them."

1. Respect people - don't be rude, offensive, or inappropriate.
2. You can talk about whatever you'd like, but any topics discussed must be appropriate for all chat users. Discussion of controversial topics such as history and politics is allowed, however avoid aspects that may cause offense to those in the chatroom.
3. If you want to share a link, avoid using link shorteners such as tinyurl. This is simply for security.
4. Don't spam or flood text, links, smileys, or anything else.
5. Don't beg for karma points. If you beg for karma, staff members or other players may lower your points.

PlazmaBurst 2 Chat - Code of Conduct

Staff members are primarily here to help out, and to have fun themselves. They aren't here simply to ban you. This is a place to have fun and talk to others, please keep this chatroom a pleasant place to be!


Bear in mind chat is in BETA state currently, and any bugs will be worked out soon.
Karma values may be changed or reset in future.

Welcome to the new chatroom, enjoy!
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