How to Appeal a Ban

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How to Appeal a Ban

Postby DoomWrath » 2 November 2016, 22:37

When appealing a ban, first ensure that you are banned, and there has not been a glitch or error. Be polite and courteous, rude and sassy comments will result in the appeal being closed.

From the Official Code of Conduct:

"6.9 • Site, chatroom, and forum bans may be appealed if it is believed the ban is in error or unwarranted.
6.9.1 - Please wait 24 hours from the start time of the ban before registering an appeal.
6.9.2 - Please do not appeal a ban with less than 24 hours ban time remaining.
6.9.3 - If the purpose of the appeal is to incite drama, poke at the site staff, or any other reason other than appealing a ban, then the appeal will be closed.
6.9.4 - Appeals with no activity for 14 days following a staff reply will be closed.
6.9.5 - Ban appeals may take time to answer, bans over 14 days length that remain unanswered within a short time after of the ban time may be automatically revoked, with the exception of permanent bans.
6.9.6 - When appealing a ban, first ensure that you are banned, and there has not been a glitch or error preventing access to the site (EG, the site being down for maintenance)."

The title of your ban appeal should be the location of the ban (site, forum, or chat) followed by your username - for example "Forum and Chat, DoomWrath" Ban appeals with other titles may be closed without review.

Email [email protected] and follow this template, including as much information as you possibly can:

Code: Select all

Profile Link:

When were you banned:

Where were you banned (Site/Forum):

The displayed reason for banning:

Any further information:

Supporting screenshots or proof of misplaced ban:

If your appeal is rejected, follow instructions left on the appeal by site staff.

Please make sure that your appeal is in the correct format and follows all rules that are outlined above. If you appeal more than once for the same ban, fail to follow the rules outlined above, and/or use the email for any reason that is not to appeal for a forum ban, your will get one warning. Failure to heed that warning will result in you being blocked from email appeals.

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