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Forum Warnings

Postby DoomWrath » 6 July 2016, 02:53

How To Find Warning Levels

You can find your warning level when you click on your forum profile, It can be found at the top right corner of the Plazma Burst 2 Forums page and will appear under "Most active topic/forum". The number in the brackets indicates your warning level.

How It Works: Warning Level System
If you do choose to break the rules, you will receive a warning for it. This will appear in your forum inbox via private message.

Verbal Warning - this will be a friendly reminder to keep in order.
Warning 1
Warning 2
Warning 3 - Your forum account will be banned for 1 Week.
Warning 4 - Your forum account will be banned for 1 Month.
Warning 5 - Your forum account will be banned from 6 months to permanently.

Bans issued for the 5th warning are at the discretion of moderators and will generally be based upon the act. Anything irritating, spammy, or immature will generally result in a ban toward the 6 month end of the scale. Anything highly offensive, inappropriate, or genuinely illegal will result in a permanent ban.

We warn and ban forum users on a case-to-case basis. For example, parties involved in heated arguments (flamewars), or players who make clearly offensive posts purposefully may be given a day suspension to chill out.

How You Can Be Warned/Banned:
- Spamming, advertising, or creating useless posts
- Discrimination/insulting others
- Profanity
- Offensive behavior to staff and others
- Resisting warnings/orders given by a member of the staff team
- Evading forum bans
- Breaking any other forum rule

If you think a warning is unfair, you can ask a staff member to review it, or ask the moderator on why you received it. It's best to do this in PM instead of in public forums.

Warning Reductions:

Warnings reduce by 1 every 90 days, for each user.
Other than this, there are no ways to remove warnings.

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