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Custom Maps[OS|MP] Alien Arena | Top by Nyove (nyove-top)
Map name:   [OS|MP] Alien Arena | Top 
Map ID:   nyove-top
Votes:   32
Multiplayer matches started:   657
Map preview:  
Map description:   Hey guys,

Some of you may remember the first iteration of this map.

Its a greyish marble map, and it was my first attempt in making approved map. I was a complete beginner when it comes to making approved maps and I honestly thought that it is going to be easy. (at least for me)

When my first approved map became approved, I was so happy and glad I owned my first approved map.

I was determined to make more unique and special maps. This spawn three other approved maps which I am honestly very very proud of it because none of them resembles any previous map.

As I make the 3 approved maps, I also parti****te in playtesting other approved maps.

Along the journey, I met so many talented map makers which really taught me so so much along the way. There is more to map making than I thought and being able to playtest other maps allows me to experience the another aspects of map making. (I was always more into custom maps.)

This playtesting journey is honestly one of the most memorable journey I have ever heard. It was sometimes fun, sometimes frustrating and there was once we playtested for almost 4 hour which was so tiring! :P Most importantly, I have learnt so much from playtesting other team.

I would love to thank:
Kiriakos Gr96 for giving me the opportunity to playtest with him.
Creeperhunter55 for being such a perfectionist and such a great friend.
Borg for constantly giving me advices and assisting me when I make maps.
Stryde for being very critical and giving us feedback so that our map can be the best possible.
And the other crew that spent time playtesting together. At least for me, I have formed some great memories playtesting. :P

Looking back at my very 1st approved map, I slowly feel bad for having a average (honestly subpar) approved map.

Now that I have learnt so much, I decided to rework this map.
I hope the approval team is glad to see my improvement. I really like this map. Its another unique map of mine.
Walkthrough Video:  
Approved:   Approved, out of rotation
Max Players:   8
Map Designer:   Nyove 
Soundtrack:   – 
Last update:   25 October 2020, 18:03 
Map Source:   Open source [ View in Level Editor ]
Instant demo link:   https://www.plazmaburst2.com/?s=2&map=nyove-top

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