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Custom Maps[Warfare][COOP-TDM-DM] by KIRIAKOS GR96 (kiriakos gr96-dm)
Map name:   [Warfare][COOP-TDM-DM] 
Map ID:   kiriakos gr96-dm
Votes:   49
Multiplayer matches started:   948
Map preview:  
Map description:   Classic war map
info:hp 150
weapons:Alien shotgun,Alien rifle,Shotgun CS-DAZ,Defibrillator,Raygun,Lite railgun and much more.
Grenades:2 grenades 2 teleport grenades

Updates Logs
10/3/2016:Big update on the upper arena of the map,map now is 5vs5,several guns added around the map.
31/3/2016:Some extra guns added on the lower arena of the map.

1 August 2020:Overlap improved in some areas
Players spawn with 6,2,3 instead of 1,4,6.(Dm Tdm)
Corrected some wall models after the latest level editor update.
Corected some teleport models.
Map preview updated.
Walkthrough Video:  
Approved:   Approved, out of rotation
Max Players:   10
Map Designer:   KIRIAKOS GR96 
Soundtrack:   – 
Last update:   25 October 2020, 17:39 
Map Source:   Closed
Instant demo link:   https://www.plazmaburst2.com/?s=2&map=kiriakos gr96-dm

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