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Custom MapsSpace Command (Beta) by Flame99999 (flame99999-sc)
Map name:   Space Command (Beta) 
Map ID:   flame99999-sc
Votes:   62
Multiplayer matches started:   185 (since 12 June 2017)
Map preview:  
Map description:   Battle the opposing team on a flying Space Command Center. Try not to fall of the map. Its a very.... very long ride down there.
1.1: Took out Pushers that made for ineffective combat. Removed Spawn from very bottom of the map.
Walkthrough Video:  
Max Players:   16
Map Designer:   Flame99999 
Soundtrack:   – 
Last update:   29 December 2013, 01:06 
Map Source:   Closed
Instant demo link:   https://www.plazmaburst2.com/?s=2&map=flame99999-sc

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