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Game › I've seen players uploading self-made decorations as well as background textures & music for custom maps... Are these really safe?

Actually yes.

Image-based content goes through manual moderation. Music does also go through moderation and certain automatic filtering. Music moderation is mostly done by websites from where Plazma Burst 2 is getting songs for custom maps.

We mostly have preventive measures here. Though we will also react quickly enough if something too much out of place will happen or appear in custom maps.
Game › I keep getting messages about Flash Player end of support in the end of 2020 and usually I need to manually enable Flash Player each time I want to play

Well yes, some web browsers try a little bit too much. As long as there is no way to disable unnecessary warning messages in your web browser - you can try switching to standalone version of a game that can be found at the bottom of Play section when you click [ Download / redistribute ].

As for Flash Player end of support by the end of 2020 - yes, it will happen. Flash Player was a useful tool for Plazma Burst game series to work in a ways they did. Plazma Burst: Forward to the Past and Plazma Burst 2 do rely on features Flash Player does provide.

Even if each iteration of game engines that been made and used for Plazma Burst releases tried to implement as much as possible features without relying on Flash Player itself - Plazma Burst 2 does rely on rendering Flash Player does provide and thus will remain to be available in other form such as downloadable executable if true replacement for browsers will not arrive (for example one that will convert .swf files into something like .js - there been few projects like these around the Internet). In any case - we will keep you updated at our News and Play page!

Future releases in Plazma Burst series won't require Flash Player support at all. Though we still leave target platform for Plazma Burst 2.5/3 as undecided. Perhaps soon it will be more clear as development progresses.
Game › Where can I get version of Plazma Burst 2 game that does not require Flash Player?

At the "Play" page on our website, at the bottom where "Download / redistribute" button is.

We do not recommend downloading PB2Launcher from unrelated websites or other players simply because it could be unsafe for both your operating system and your Plazma Burst 2 account (or even limit website access).

It is possible to share launcher by copying whole launcher folder but make sure to delete file containing login & password from shared version (more in readme.txt).

For more info check readme.txt file that is distributed with launcher itself.

Level Editor › Where I can find guides, error codes & tutorials

Level Editor › Me and my friend(s) want to create one map together, how can we do so?

Plazma Burst 2 Advanced Level Editor has no support for real-time map making, but as instead you can open your friend's map's source, copy it (select objects in Level Editor, then press Ctrl+C) and then paste (Ctrl+V) in a map which will contain work of all map designers.

Same way you can find open-sourced maps of map designers who give away their own custom-made elements for maps that can be used by everyone (for example working doors, elevators, characters and even extra game modes).
Level Editor › I need help with my map or I need an explanation on how to use doors, triggers, timers, lights etc.

You can try to find answer at Youtube, Google or our Site Chat and/or Discord Chat.

Some information can be found in Level Editor Manual too.
Level Editor › Where Level Editor is?

You have to register first. Then go to Custom Maps section and there will be [ Create New Map ] button. Then press [ Edit ] button near map you just created. [ Edit Map ... ] button will open editor.
Level Editor › I want my or anybody else's map to be approved. How can I suggest map for approval?

Feel free to press "Recommend for Ranked mode" at map page.

Website › How come I don't have flag picture at my location field?

Write down your country name without mistakes. First letter is capital, others are small.
Website › How can I become a Moderator? Administrator? Match Owner?

When Plazma Burst 2 community is in need of a new Moderator, we find someone to fill the need based upon certain attributes: Website & Game Activity, maturity. Just feel free to be here when we will be accepting new applications. Before becoming a Moderator our users usually enter Support role. Administrator role comes after Moderator and Head Moderator.

Match Owner is just a player who starts password-protected Multiplayer match (other players will be able to enter your match if you leave match password in match title. But this way you will have more control over what's happening in that particular match).
Website › How come %USER_NAME_HERE% is not in Top 100 players?

Top 100 list is based on Average Skill Points. More Average Skill Points user has - higher position he will get. Best players on this list become legends and stay in section "Legends of Plazma Burst 2" even after k/d reset.

Users are automatically excluded from Top 100 players in case of two week long inactivity.
Website › What does the site staff do?

The Moderators (light blue text) moderate the Chat, Game, Forum and Website. Their main focus is to moderate the Chat, Forum and sometimes Game.

The Head Moderator (dark blue text) moderate the Chat, Game, Forum, Website and Moderators. Their main focus is to help Administrators, moderate the Chat, Forum and sometimes Game.

Administrators (red text) administrate the Game, Chat, Forum, Website, Head Moderators and Moderators. Some Admins can approve maps. Their main focus is to keep everything in running order.
Website › Does Eric Gurt has account on PlazmaBurst2.com?

Yes, Eric Gurt has an account, though he is not interested in contacting any player via website or adding somebody to friends list.

If you have any questions to Eric Gurt, contact him through his Twitter page (may contain some of next game's spoilers).
Website › How can I report user? Vote for exclusion from match?

1. Visit user's profile page.
2. Press [ Report user's account ].
3. Provide information why you reporting this user.

You can visit user's profile while in-game by holding "Tab" key and clicking button with small "i" next to player's name.

On same "Tab" screen you can vote for user's exclusion by pressing "X" next to his name. If user is using Guest account - none of guests will be able to join particular match. As Game master you can exclude players without extra voting (also nobody can exclude you).
Website › How can I become one of "Best Custom Level Developers of Plazma Burst 2"?

Create maps (in fact, you dont really need more than 3 maps to appear here), ask people to rate them (usually website determines map as completely valuable if it reaches 25 votes).

It simply works by algorithm: more successful maps = better rank for level developer.
Website › Why shouldn't I log into accounts that belong to or been used by other users?

Because Plazma Burst 2 website can start associating you with other person who owns or was using these accounts.

For example user who gave you his account info can become blocked from visiting our website for some reason (like hacking which results into permanent ban from site). Website can block your access to Plazma Burst 2 website after that too.

Bad fact about this is that our administration can't have any proofs of you being separate persons and usually problems like that are not solved easily or fast.
Website › Account protection - can't log-in after IP address change (or ISP change).

Account protection is designed only for advanced users, but in case if you can't reach your account after enabling account protection there goes some info describing how you can access your account again:

"Disabled" - you can access your account anytime from anywhere, just make sure you remember password.
"Low" - first number based IP address validation. Protection ends in 14 days of inactivity.
"Medium" - first 2 numbers based IP address validation. Protection ends in 14 days of inactivity.
"High" - first 3 numbers based IP address validation. Protection ends in 7 days of inactivity.
"Strict" - dedicated IP address validation. Protection ends in 7 days of inactivity.
Website › How come %USER_NAME_HERE% is not in "Legends of Plazma Burst 2"

Only players who reached 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in "Top 100 players" list will appear here.

Players are not excluded from this list after next k/d resets.
Website › Why do I see Access Error page when I am trying to reach PlazmaBurst2.com

Probably your account has been suspended for suspicious activity, such as game or account hacking (frequent log-in failures, launching multiplayer game with modified code or any other kinds of cheating attempts or attempts to steal personal information of other users).

Banned users in this way can't be forgiven. Ban is permanent and can influence account or/and network address access depending on kind of violation.
Website › I lost my password or access to my account. How can I revive access to my account or reset password?

Here is reminder for lost account login name and password reset. Please make sure that your e-mail address provider will not put e-mail to spam-box.

Multiplayer › Why my kills or deaths are not going to my profile?

Only approved maps can change your score. Approved maps are marked with . While you in-game and connected to one of our servers (California, Washington, Europe etc.) games on approved maps have "Skill" value different than "-".
Multiplayer › How to change my skin?

Go to Edit Profile and then you can choose one of skins. Your skin will appear only on Death Match and Team Death Match mode, cooperative maps will use level-defined skins in most cases.
Multiplayer › Solution for "CAN'T REACH SELECTED SERVER" connection error

In case if this problem happens to you and you can't connect to any Plazma Burst 2 multiplayer servers - then try to play from downloadable version of game that can be found at the bottom of Play section, by clicking on [ Download / redistribute ].

This problem can also happen when 843 port is blocked by your operating system firewall or Internet Service provider.
Multiplayer › How do you kick/ban users from match?

You can vote for player's exclusion from match by holding the Tab key and clicking on X next to his username.

You can achieve instant exclusion right if you will start the match with password. If you still want other players to join - you can write down match password in title, our players usually pick "1" as password.

Once user is excluded - he won't be able to return to same match until it is recreated.

All guests will be instantly banned from certain match if at least one of them was excluded by voting or by game master. If match had more than one guest - they won't be excluded, but they won't be able to return back if they leave either.
Multiplayer › Game version mismatch

You can get this error in 3 cases:
1. Game file is outdated and page refresh is required. At the time of page refresh game file will be updated automatically.
2. If problem still appear and you are running Linux-based operating system (ex. Ubuntu) then you can find solution in trying any web browser where Pepper Flash is supported (ex. Google Chrome).
3. It can be temporary problem, but if it's not - feel free to report it on our Forums.
Multiplayer › Is anything can be done with lagging players?

You can start your own match with any specified ping limit. If somebody who's ping is higher than one you have defined - server will exclude that player from match.

Ranked matches always have fixed upper ping limit.

Note: Ping is a time in milliseconds spend for each data synchronization. In fact ping 100 means that data in connection between player and server is transferred in 0.1 seconds. 1000 means 1 second, 50 means 0.05 seconds.
Multiplayer › No matter what server I select - sometimes I can't pass verification screen (verification message disappear) or get connection problem with ping over 3500.

Probably you are playing over wi-fi. If you are not - following description will not help you.

Why it does happen?
Multiplayer game can require TCP data to be transferred from player to server. TCP data is a data which must be never lost on a way from player to server, but sometimes it can happen to players who using wi-fi connection, especially when there are many wi-fi points around. Due to interference of wi-fi signals such data can be lost. This results into game being unable to send important data.

How to solve it?
There few ways exist:
1. If possible, use cable connection instead of wi-fi.
2. This can be solved by router configuration which you are using to play. Check "Wireless Settings" of your wi-fi router and try changing "Channel" value to value which is not used by other wi-fi points at the moment. If this does not help, try changing "Wireless mode" setting.
3. If you are able to play game from other computer through same wi-fi point, then problem can be connected with impossibility of signal to break through the obstacles lying on the way from computer wi-fi receiver to wi-fi point. Try locate computer closer to wi-fi point.
Multiplayer › Why do I always get Connection Problem?

Connection Problem sign appears when time difference between data sent and receive (ping) is very big.

High ping may be the result of too big distantce between game server and your computer. For now, multiplayer is supported by 3 servers, one of which located in America California, second in America Washington and third in Europe Ukraine. For best connection simply select the server which located close to you.

Another reason can be slow internet connection.
Multiplayer › I have bad experience when playing against some or most players in approved maps which seems to be related to netcode or servers

It is possible to encounter some problems related to hit detection as well as hit confirmation in multiplayer mode when you or both you and enemy have high "ping" value (something you can see when you hold "Tab" key while playing). Ping value here is a sum of network delay from you to server and from server back to you. If this value is high - you might encounter negative effects such as:
- Enemies hitting you when you are already behind the corner (basically you'll see it as if they've shot you at your earlier position). To be fair, same players that are able to hit you this way will be able to be hit by you same way too.
- Enemies hitting or eliminating you after they have been seemingly eliminated by you first (because of high total network delay of both players, they were able to shot you first on their screen, just like you did on yours). Your opponent will experience same.

These problems are purely related to high sum network delay of both you and specific player. Best solution would be, obviously, to play on a server that is physically closest to you (we have one in United States and another one in Europe currently) and possibly setting up ping limit when match is being started. We do not want to restrict access to ranked modes only because of lack of servers world-wide so matches don't have strict ping limit by default.

Ping values are in milliseconds. Normally values of 0-100 ms would be most acceptable. Plazma Burst 2 isn't designed to lag compensate higher network delays and is built on top of TCP protocol (Flash Player limitation) which means way too low update rate as well (as for action-packed game like Plazma Burst 2. TCP protocol does not allow data to be sent again until reply with confirmation was received from server) in cases of players with high ping.
Multiplayer › I often see enemy players instantly resurrecting after being killed. Why is this happening?

Game usually will try to predict whenever damage dealt to enemy players is enough to count as elimination. But in cases when significant network delay exists - this kind of prediction can end up being false and game will try to return enemy player to alive state.

What happens here is usually a case where enemy didn't saw your projectiles on his screen since he most probably eliminated your character on his screen before that, just like you did eliminated his character on your screen before you saw him doing any lethal damage to your character. In these cases game will usually apply this "resurrection" for both players.

In order to prevent this from happening it is recommended to have as low as possible network delay, which is also called ping - for both you and your opponent(s). To achieve that - simply select one of multiplayer servers (one that is either in USA or Europe) where you have the lowest ping (shown when you hold Tab key in-game). To do that, you might want to temporarily disable "auto-login" in settings if it prevents you from choosing the server.
Multiplayer › How Skill Points do work?

Skill Points are based on player activity in multiplayer Ranked Matches and competitive skill. In most cases when you can win players of same skill as you - your Skill Points will go up.

Skill Points decrease during player inactivity. Average Skill Points represent an average value over time.

Within current ranking system, players who challenge very limited number of players will not get much Skill Points as a result.

Even though it could seem like Skill Points are only given by taking away from other players - it is not really accurate. There is almost always an amount of Skill Points that will be given for activity in ranked modes. As we stated before, if more players of your skill challenged - more Skill Points you can potentially have.
Multiplayer › I found somebody who is hacking or cheating in multiplayer. What should I do?

It will be a big help to us if you will record in-game screen with help of any screen recording software and then send it to e-mail of main game developer Eric Gurt.

To stop appearing of such players we do recommend to Report accounts of such players so we can ban them permanently - all our site staff can view reports and do actions against these players. More reports - more probability of permanent ban. We are not blocking players without real resons and proofs. Our staff members are insidious and like joining games as Guests.

Our multiplayer servers also perform automatic detection and elemination of possible hacks, together with providing permanent ban to hacker, no matter public, private or unranked match used for hack demonstration.

Note: To help us be sure that player recorded in screen is really cheating, please capture in-game score screen (by holding Tab key). Please also be sure that not all players with k/d ratio of 5 or 11 are instantly cheating.
Multiplayer › How to register or sign up?

Press button with title "Register" in top right corner.
Multiplayer › What is k/d and kdr?

k/d is a Kills count divided by Deaths count number which reached by specific player. It shows averange ammount of kills player can make without dying.

KDR (Kills/Deaths ratio) is a same thing.
Multiplayer › Where is server located?

Game server located in USA, California and second server is in Europe, Ukraine. For best connection in Multiplayer simply pick the server which located closer to you physically.

Game › Does game has it's own official page on VK.com (Вконтакте)?

Нет, однако мы приветствуем любые стремления наших пользователей к самоорганизации.
Game › Can I place game to different web-sites?

Yes, but multiplayer will be available only here.

Also be careful when you are distributing game, some web portals disallow publishing games which are not developed by publisher (ex. Kongregate, Newgrounds). We will publish Plazma Burst at these and similar sites when multiplayer will leave beta state.

Any kind of game modifying, using game engine as basic for different game(s) without main developer's permission, game title renaming or reusing, appending or modifying game creator's list is strongly prohibited and can be prosecuted.
Game › Game is not working in Safari

Make sure you have Flash Player installed. You can get it from here https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/

If you have already installed Flash Player yet still Safari does not run game - try following these instructions:
Game › Who is Match Owner?

Match Owner is a player who started game in multiplayer. Match Owner can permanently exclude players from his own match and set ping limit without voting. Match Owner can't exclude site moderators and administrators.

Note: Owner of ranked match can't be Match Owner and instead has same privileges as usual player.
Game › Why game does not run on iPad, iPhone, Android?

Right now Plazma Burst 2 is only running with help of Flash Player which is simply not available on these devices for various reasons. Also game wasn't developed for touch-based devices and requires more controls than similar devices can provide.

Game might be running well on PC and Macs.
Game › Which web browser is recommended for Plazma Burst 2

For correct work of website and game we recommend any of these web browsers:

For Mac OS X users:
- Safari
- Google Chrome
- Opera
- Firefox

For PC Windows users:
- Maxthon (older version)
- Opera
- Firefox

For PC Ubuntu users:
- Google Chrome
Game › Why does it lag at my computer?

First, try to disable ads. Lags can be caused by not optimal work of your web browser when it comes to flash games. For this and for any flash game, we recommend web browsers:

For Mac OS X users:
- Safari
- Google Chrome
- Opera
- Firefox

for PC Windows users:
- Maxthon (older version)
- Opera
- Firefox

for PC Ubuntu users:
- Google Chrome

In other case visit "Graphics & Gameplay" in game's main menu, then disable or turn off some of graphics options.
Game › Is Plazma Burst 3 released? When Plazma Burst 3 will be released?

Plazma Burst 3 isn't released. The only released games in Plazma Burst series are:
- Plazma Burst: Forward to the Past (2008-2009)
- Plazma Burst 2 (2010-2014)

Plazma Burst 3 release date is not specified, but once we will know we will publish release date at main page of this site, at Eric Gurt's blog at www.gevanni.com and we will update answer for this question here.
Game › How can I visit user's profile while in-game?

You can visit user's profile while in-game by holding "Tab" key and clicking button with small "i" next to player's name.
Game › Does game has it's own Twitter page?

There are few Twitter pages:
https://twitter.com/PlazmaBurstTeam (solely about Plazma Burst 2, founded by Tempus)
https://twitter.com/Eric_Gurt (technical news related to Plazma Burst 2 and other projects of game developer Eric Gurt)
Game › Why Plazma Burst 2 is full of violence?

Play with gore or without gore is a choice of player. Player can see warning message during game launch and player can disable gore in game settings.

In case if multiplayer game experience create impression of violent or offensive - we do recommend reporting disturbing players. Also you can disable displayment of any possibly disturbing message in game settings by disabling chat and(or) enabling censoreship.

Plot of this game evolve as science fiction and inspired by science facts. Game does not contain anything which is unnatural and can't happen in theory. Plazma Burst 2 is a game which does not pretend to provide realistic impressions to player. Gore appears in game only in cases when it is used to appear by clear logic, but player still can disable gore at any time in case if appearement of gore feels uncomfortable due to any factors.
Game › I got an idea for Plazma Burst 2 or any other game of Plazma Burst series!

Feel free to share with us. We will necessarily read your message and note your opinion about game or changes you suggest if we will like them.

Game & Multiplayer › Is there any cheats or any ways to easily get advantage against other players?

We are not supporting illegal ways of geting advantage in game and always will do everything we can to protect our players from hackers and cheaters in multiplayer. We also are not interested in giving any in-game advantage to random players or even to our administrators.

Single player mode is only place where cheats are working, but only after passing of final level and with root capabilities.
Game & Multiplayer › Is there something I should be aware of in order to keep my IP address from being discovered when playing Plazma Burst 2?

You will not be able to find any player that can get your IP address since all network traffic is proxied through our servers. And just like with all existing websites - your IP address is only known to our server software (site staff are able to detect players that share IP addresses but not addresses themselves). Our proxying includes everything from network synchronization data to URL requests in custom maps and images shown on forum and site chat.

At the same time you should be aware that clan websites, custom map statistics websites and downloadable modifications of game might be able to access that kind of info. That would need you to purposely follow specific links though (at the same time we have plenty of creators in community that won't think to abuse that since it is rather pointless and would just cause us to be not wanting to see people like that in our community).

In other words, game and this website won't silently cause your IP address to be leaked to any other website user.

Game › Does game has it's own official page on Facebook?

Yes, it does:

There is also another more active page made for whole Plazma Burst game series community:
https://www.facebook.com/PlazmaBurstTeam (founded by Tempus)
Game › Why is Plazma Burst 2 is full of gore?

Play with gore or without gore is a choice of player. Player can see warning message during game launch and player can disable gore in game settings.

Plot of this game evolve as science fiction and inspired by science facts. Game does not contain anything which is unnatural and can't happen in theory. Plazma Burst 2 is a game which does not pretend to provide realistic impressions to player. Gore appears in game only in cases when it is used to appear by clear logic, but player still can disable gore at any time in case if appearement of gore feels uncomfortable due to any factors.

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