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The Plazma Burst Discord is the official community discord moderated by the staff team and owned by the developer.

It is a place where community members can hangout, play with other players, or discuss the Plazma Burst universe or any appropriate topic with fellow community members.

PBD - Plazma Burst Discord
by PB2 Site Staff team

PBM - Plazma Burst Maps by PB2 Site Staff team
3rd party chat lobbies kept by PB2 players:

PBC - Plazma Burst Community by Doomzerker

PBS - Plazma Burst Speedrunning by xCapeEST

FTO - FiveTwelve Official (Modding server) by Eru_

DI - Diamond's Igloo (API experiments) by pb dman

You can contact us if you want your 3rd party chat services to be included below as well. Make sure that your chat is popular enough and has acceptable moderation. We can also provide you with account extraction API, in case if you'd like to restrict access for new accounts.

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