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› Welcome to Plazma Burst 2 official website

Hi and welcome to the Plazma Burst 2 official site that is dedicated to the game Plazma Burst 2. This is a place where you can play Plazma Burst 2 online game in multiplayer or campaign mode, create your own maps or even simply chat with other players.

In this game you play as a marine, who wasn't sent to the past successfully in order to change the history of mankind to a better life and avoid the invasion of Usurpation Forces. In Plazma Burst: Forward to the past, after when our hero's ally was critically damaged, marine travels back to the Earth to attempt another try on traveling back in time... Will fortune smile to him this time?

Plazma Burst 2 is a tactical slidescrolling shooter free online game, developed by Eric Gurt with support of Coolbuddy.com released in March 2011.

› What's next?
You can proceed to registration page. Registration is free but if you don't want to do it just now or you don't need personal statistics, a non-default character and the ability to create maps - you can always play as a Guest. If so, you can start playing just by moving to the Play section.

It seems like that is all we wanted to tell you. Now we simply wish you best of luck at your beginnings and hope you will enjoy your time here.

› News
May 5, 2020: Level Editors League Season 4 !!!!

Come join, make some awesome maps!!

Click this link to be taken to the post
May 2, 2020: Servers will prevent fast reconnect in ranked matches. Also last damage dealt to leaving players within 7 seconds will be seen by server as elimination (including few seconds past player's disconnection while his character still appears half-transparent in game) now.
April 28, 2020: Map rotation functionality added. It won't affect availability of approved maps for ranked modes but will increase maximum Skill Points players will be able to keep if they will play these maps more (it will be done by increasing bonus Skill Points given for each elimination on these maps).

Approved maps within rotation are highlighted with different color and will be automatically chosen when match is started with random Map ID.
Full list of maps within current rotation can be seen at the top of this page (or by clicking at website logo).

Currently map rotation is done in manual way by our map approval team - expect changes and more details soon!
April 22, 2020: Servers will support maps with more level logic now (fixed issue where some maps would never load in Multiplayer mode but would work normally in Singleplayer mode). Added stat tracking (recent play time, recent eliminations and recent map completion due to experience reward trigger action activation) for custom map players if they'll left any review or comment at map's page.
March 30, 2020: Game has been updated (slight netcode update that includes some of desynchronization fixes as well as newer hit detection model where player limbs get circular hitbox instead of rectangular while in-between frame states are handled more accurately).
March 25, 2020: Hello everyone!

Plazma League will be holding a 3v3 Exhibition Match! If you would like a chance to participate in the Exhibition match and the Spring Tournament, sign up here.

Click this link to be taken to the Sign Up Page!

Click this link to be taken to the PL Discord!
January 30, 2020: Hello everyone! This is our first post in 2020!! Happy new years to everyone, happy year of the mouse!

Multiplayer servers from now on will apply different kind of automatic bans for cursing, with warning. Bans are 7 days for guests and 2 days for registered users. If a guest user receives a 7 day ban you can re-login into your account for it to be automatically decreased.

Whenever muted player joins match:
- You'll be able to chat normally in X days Y hours Z minutes W seconds.

The Auto ban system was updated to be more forgiving and fair when it comes to cursing in-game.

We also added a server feature for staff. The Server wide Announcement feature. Everyone in a match will receive a message when something is announced. Many of you have already seen this. We have been hosting mini-events for you all to enjoy and it seems it's gotten positive feedback, we will be sure to continue to keep running events for you!

Thank you for reading!

~ The Plazma Burst Staff

We would really appreicate feedback on our mini events
Click this link to be taken to the post


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TOP 20 Best Players
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#   Nickname / Login Gender Location ASP Contact
​trashdude Russian Federation 3.37 -  
​Teru female Korea, Republic of 3.36 -  
​Pixelbyte 🍑 Korea, Democratic People's Republic of 3.28 -  
​Darling ​in ​the ​FranXX male United States 3.17 -  
​CulitoRiko7u7 Player Chile 3.15 CamiloGamerXD   
​root--2 male United States 3.06 -  
​Sniper ​J Saber ? 2.88 -  
​frisky1051 male United States 2.87 -  
​Unknown-san JoJo ? 2.78 -  
​Ig86 male Germany 2.62 -  
​mega142005 male Greece 2.48 -  
​Jacob12345 male United States 2.36 -  
​da ​pig United States 2.33 -  
​Player ​Unknown Russian Federation 2.32 -  
​IRePuLz male United States 2.25 -  
​DestroyerV2 Singapore 2.23 -  
​Kindred ​The ​Eternal ​Hunter female ? 2.22 -  
​Nyove Legend ? 2.19 -  
​Aizen- male ? 2.14 -  
​Flop male United States 2.1 -  

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