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› [BoZ] xJer's profile ( xJer )
Nickname:   [BoZ] xJer  
Status:   PB2 Advanced Level Developer, Player
Life slogan:  
Civilization rejects us, and yet we continue to build shrine in its honor. 
Experience:   Level 0
Average Skill Points:   At least 0.5 Skill Points needed  
Current Skill Points:   0.49
Level Developer rank:   51.57   (not included in Best Custom Level Developers list due to being inactive for 60 days)
Campaign progress:   - unknown -  
Kills:   36 663  
Deaths:   29 410  
Overall k/d Ratio:   1.25  
Latest k/d Ratio:   1.3
Overall KDr Rank:   Professional  
Birth date:   12 November 1994 (28 years)  
Skype:   jerrythecarrot
Discord username:   623-403-860
PM reply activity:   44.8 %
Map votes:   78
Map reviews:   78   Show
Map comments:   175








Personal favorite maps:   No maps added.
Personal approval requests:   No maps added.
Account creation date:   Sunday 27th of November 2011 10:02:44 PM (or earlier)

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  Nickname / Login Gender Status k/d Ratio Contact  
BEAR (:^_^:) CREEPER-CLAUSSSSSS (^11+.:10-BukV:.+11^) female unknown 1.36 jerrythecarrot     
132,Lord of Cinder male unknown 1.64 jerrythecarrot     
[~SFH~]Leader.:1337Destroyer:.~ISC.LtG~S.A.P~TOP 37th male unknown 2.45 jerrythecarrot     
8andy8 male unknown 2.72 jerrythecarrot     
AeroMatrix male unknown 1.92 jerrythecarrot     
alexkirilov2001 male unknown 1.98 jerrythecarrot     
All54321 male unknown 0.93 jerrythecarrot     
[Vengeance Major] Andylawa42 ~Dubstep 4 lyfe~ male unknown - jerrythecarrot     
Andymouse male unknown 1.19 jerrythecarrot     
[Contract Killer] .Dradux. Angel.:.Del.:.Odeo [iAngel]
aka angel del odeo
male unknown 3.25 jerrythecarrot     
.:|Anvil |1|IsInFact|A|Knight|:.
aka Anvil 1
unknown 2.01 jerrythecarrot     
assasinguy male unknown 1.25 jerrythecarrot     
[EKAT]Sgt.~[Fire Squad]Ldr. .:assasinofdeath:. [PRO LeGION]Sgt. male unknown 1.21 jerrythecarrot     
aswq[Hacked] unknown - jerrythecarrot     
awesomeruss([email protected]) male unknown 0.68 jerrythecarrot     
[Supreme Grand Admiral]:Ayanami:[GHT][UMG] male unknown - jerrythecarrot     
[Gurren Lagann]battlejump male unknown - jerrythecarrot     
[BoZ]Beaming male unknown - jerrythecarrot     
bebo 123 male unknown 0.8 jerrythecarrot     
{SVNK}{PROmoted*****}{RAZOR}{strike force leader}BIgLou16 male unknown 1.47 jerrythecarrot     
[.:I.ProEX.I:.].-*^Blackxfusion^*-. male unknown - jerrythecarrot     
[Retired]blaze22b male unknown 1.04 jerrythecarrot     
Blind007 male unknown 1.23 jerrythecarrot     
DaemonicHero[BattleFury]-xXxBlooDHunterAssasinxXx unknown 12.02 jerrythecarrot     
Epic Bob the Friend
aka Bobthefriend
male unknown 1.72 jerrythecarrot     
boltface male unknown 1.07 jerrythecarrot     
Bosscat99 male unknown 2.82 jerrythecarrot     
bown44 unknown 0.6 jerrythecarrot     
{BoZ}Boze male unknown 1.26 jerrythecarrot     
[BoZ]brandon_088_- male unknown 0.29 jerrythecarrot     

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