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Nickname:   www.PlazmaBurst2.com  
Status:   PB2 Official Website
Campaign progress:   42 levels passed  
Life slogan:  
Fight. Win. 
Birth date:   26 March 2011 (8 years)  
Website:   http://www.plazmaburst2.com/ 
USA, California  
PB2 Site Staff:  
PB2 Staff UnrealCrash
PB2 Site Administrator [Admin] Doomzerker
PB2 Site Administrator [Admin] Tempus
PB2 Site Administrator [Admin] Kiriakos Gr96
PB2 Site Moderator [Staff]Golden1
PB2 Site Moderator [Moderator] tehswordninja
PB2 Site Moderator [Staff Punching Bag] Wasted Time (R)
PB2 Site Moderator darkstar 1
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Port by iJer

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Account creation date:   Saturday 26th of March 2011 12:00:00 AM (or earlier)


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