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› Sixthy [ YrN,] Walian11 The Dark has officially retired...'s profile ( Walian11 )
Nickname:   Sixthy [ YrN,] Walian11 The Dark has officially retired...  
Status:   PB2 Level Developer, Advanced Player
Life slogan:  
It has been my pleasure and privilege to have been somewhat a big part of this game in my own rights. I have met and lost many great people along the way...Witnessing the pinnacle of this game in the 2013-2014 season. My pre-prime being in 2014, prime 2016/17 and post prime 2018 and onwards. This game has taught me a lot of things and the memories will certainly live on in my mind...I thank this game for being a big part of my childhood and all of the many friends I had. To those and everyone, I salute you! 
Experience:   Level 430
Average Skill Points:   At least 0.5 Skill Points needed  
Current Skill Points:   0.49
Level Developer rank:   13.02   (not included in Best Custom Level Developers list due to being inactive for 60 days)
Campaign progress:   42 levels complete  
Kills:   116 383  
Deaths:   70 512  
Overall k/d Ratio:   1.65  
Latest k/d Ratio:   0.93
Overall KDr Rank:   PROmoted, Awarded as Champion of Plazma League S1 for achieving 3rd place
(Achieved on 13 November 2017)

Award of Appreciation for being an Event Staff
(Plazma League S3, Achieved on 18 June 2020)
Birth date:   11-10-2000  
Gender:   male
Skype:   www.pbwalian11.weebly.com
Discord username:   Walian#5696
PM reply activity:   100 %
Map votes:   668
Map reviews:   668   Show
Map comments:   44

Personal favorite maps:  











Personal approval requests:  

Account creation date:   Thursday 25th of October 2012 08:21:58 AM (or earlier)

Friends list
(167 friends, only last 30 friends are displayed)
  Nickname / Login Gender Status k/d Ratio Contact  
Angel of Darkness weee j.am.al.11 (Darkness Lady)
aka jamal11
female unknown 1.84 www.pbwalian11.weebly.com     
killerclems male unknown 1.26 www.pbwalian11.weebly.com     
[RedBloodAssassin] shotlauncher male unknown 1.06 www.pbwalian11.weebly.com     
{BEAST}{*Retired*(K.O.A){A-rank}[Major]xXcrackerjack1234Xx male unknown 1.95 www.pbwalian11.weebly.com     
[.:~ext-cheese~:.][.-E.A.A-.]jonat13 male unknown 1.83 www.pbwalian11.weebly.com     
iChriZ Pizza boy male unknown 1.49 www.pbwalian11.weebly.com     
[Retired]unliveablevilife unknown 2.03 www.pbwalian11.weebly.com     
ZigZeR69 unknown 1.46 www.pbwalian11.weebly.com     
Banana Hammer
aka Lord Blue Blood
male unknown 2.62 www.pbwalian11.weebly.com     
[iNSPiRE]magic the gathering|IWannaBeTheVeryBestLikeNoOneEverWas male unknown 1.32 www.pbwalian11.weebly.com     
[.:.Wolflight.:.] isphinxz male unknown 3.34 www.pbwalian11.weebly.com     
Sculpted Soul
aka vampire cool 4
male unknown - www.pbwalian11.weebly.com     
Secret Hunter Cerohero unknown 0.67 www.pbwalian11.weebly.com     
|+*assn$*+|[.:~ext-banana~:.][GoD Pvt.]xXDarkydemonXx male unknown 0.85 www.pbwalian11.weebly.com     
(Under~Achievers]Fndr.OneShotK1ll[203] male unknown 1.09 www.pbwalian11.weebly.com     
Alien security heavy male unknown 1.9 www.pbwalian11.weebly.com     
aka _ghost-
female unknown 1.58 www.pbwalian11.weebly.com     
Kaos007 (fr) male unknown 1.82 www.pbwalian11.weebly.com     
Razlov male unknown 1.17 www.pbwalian11.weebly.com     
killerboy15 male unknown 2.23 www.pbwalian11.weebly.com     
Immortal Girl female unknown 2.44 www.pbwalian11.weebly.com     
[410]Acellamy male unknown 1.45 www.pbwalian11.weebly.com     
[Retired] Eternal10 male unknown 1.21 www.pbwalian11.weebly.com     
[Itami]Aryman9001 male unknown 2.03 www.pbwalian11.weebly.com     
boeroeba unknown 1.13 www.pbwalian11.weebly.com     
xhulio male unknown - www.pbwalian11.weebly.com     
aka Halo Chief
male unknown 1.33 www.pbwalian11.weebly.com     
-Dead-xXNITROXx male unknown 1.22 www.pbwalian11.weebly.com     
Da King male unknown - www.pbwalian11.weebly.com     
SpringBlade male unknown 1.34 www.pbwalian11.weebly.com     

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