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› Sniper123123's profile ( Sniper123123 )
Nickname:   Sniper123123  
Status:   PB2 Player
Life slogan:  
New PB2 profile: https://www.plazmaburst2.com/?a=&s=7&ac=Kush20Qrox Most active there. 
Experience:   Level 33
Average Skill Points:   At least 0.5 Skill Points needed  
Current Skill Points:   0
Level Developer rank:   0.69   (not included in Best Custom Level Developers list due to being inactive for 60 days)
Campaign progress:   42 levels complete  
Kills:   804  
Deaths:   579  
Overall k/d Ratio:   1.39  
Latest k/d Ratio:   0.86
Overall KDr Rank:   Race Rescuer  
Birth date:   14 April 2005 (17 years)  
Gender:   male
Skype:   rkushagra5
Discord username:   Kush#2883
PM reply activity:   100 %
Map votes:   89
Map reviews:   89   Show
Map comments:   8

Personal favorite maps:   No maps added.
Personal approval requests:   No maps added.
Account creation date:   Monday 23rd of February 2015 03:21:54 PM (or earlier)

Friends list
(160 friends, only last 30 friends are displayed)
  Nickname / Login Gender Status k/d Ratio Contact  
(2015)georgianplayer male unknown 1.01 rkushagra5     
IM A TOASTER male unknown - rkushagra5     
Sonic the hadgehog unknown - rkushagra5     
bosscat1 male unknown 1.66 rkushagra5     
ch1ck3n p13 [Retired] male unknown 1.76 rkushagra5     
(AMMO)gusser male unknown 0.52 rkushagra5     
Delta Company is Sussy unknown 1.75 rkushagra5     
dakarix male unknown 0.97 rkushagra5     
[Special Force][Pvt]{A} [L.P.H.A] Sgt. Ultimate Ultimo PROmoted male unknown 0.77 rkushagra5     
.:(mHm):.[=]Combatant.:smithyjoint:. male unknown 0.56 rkushagra5     
ShadowofDeath.:123stargate123:. male unknown 1.66 rkushagra5     
Tak3n is ikiller captain male unknown 1.13 rkushagra5     
[BoZ]Amersion male unknown 0.71 rkushagra5     
[Resistance] Tech Sgt. Ryan_Hornest male unknown - rkushagra5     
FFKiller unknown - rkushagra5     
(S.W.A.T)Freezedavid 2212 male unknown 0.95 rkushagra5     
deadsouls male unknown 1.35 rkushagra5     
not [YrN] Mr Perfekt
aka kamosamko
male unknown 1.61 rkushagra5     
XWereWolfX male unknown - rkushagra5     
aka DeadZiomZIOMEK
male unknown 0.81 rkushagra5     
Sneakykiller1 male unknown 0.42 rkushagra5     
(R)Juggernaut113 male unknown 1.8 rkushagra5     
Alien security heavy male unknown 1.9 rkushagra5     
Carnival Aura
aka filopatir
male unknown 1.34 rkushagra5     
Platinum Legend
aka TOOGOOD4you
male unknown 0.47 rkushagra5     
[BoZ]Amerison unknown 1.16 rkushagra5     
[BoZ]Guest-99881 unknown - rkushagra5     
Ghostwriter male unknown 4 rkushagra5     
shadownexus7149(SOD)[Pvt][Qazorlex]Rec unknown 0.8 rkushagra5     
[USF-Army]E.MasterSoldier45-Klester95(Pro Glitcher) male unknown 1.71 rkushagra5     

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