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Nickname:   {Steelix}KURBIE  
Status:   PB2 User
Life slogan:  
Life is never positive, nor negative. Keep going with who you have. 
Experience:   Level 0
Average Skill Points:   At least 0.5 Skill Points needed  
Current Skill Points:   0.05
Level Developer rank:   0   (not included in Best Custom Level Developers list due to being inactive for 60 days)
Campaign progress:   - unknown -  
Kills:   488  
Deaths:   720  
Overall k/d Ratio:   0.68  
Latest k/d Ratio:   0.46
Overall KDr Rank:   Advanced Marine  
Birth date:   11 November 1997 (25 years)  
Gender:   female
Skype:   Zero-two02
Discord username:   Bel#6460
PM reply activity:   100 %
Map votes:   2
Map reviews:   2   Show
Map comments:   0
Maps:   No published maps.
Personal favorite maps:   No maps added.
Personal approval requests:   No maps added.
Account creation date:   Saturday 11th of February 2012 11:00:42 PM (or earlier)

Friends list
(75 friends, only last 30 friends are displayed)
  Nickname / Login Gender Status k/d Ratio Contact  
DrawGuest 33206354 male unknown 1.35 Zero-two02     
(GSA) rec*glitchy glitcher*(gen) 980325ra male unknown 1.04 Zero-two02     
alyssa25********* female unknown 0.64 Zero-two02     
BladeKitty27 [Brony] male unknown 0.3 Zero-two02     
[USMC]Lt.blaster420(SRH){RANGER} male unknown 0.69 Zero-two02     
(Red Death)Pro.Blood Shed Knight{N*B*K} male unknown 3.04 Zero-two02     
Caboose.:Red vs Blue:.
aka Caboose Red vs Blue
male unknown 1.28 Zero-two02     
Charmander51 male unknown 0.55 Zero-two02     
(P.A. Elite)cole_james2 male unknown immortal Zero-two02     
(Pokemon clan:Officer) [gsa pvt] coolpiplup male unknown 0.25 Zero-two02     
(UPA)cp4380 male unknown 1.16 Zero-two02     
[MW4]admin.[Death Reaper][MW3 rec.]darkvoidnesstrollinglikeaboss male unknown 0.9 Zero-two02     
[EKAT]dazzie female unknown 0.49 Zero-two02     
DeadlyArms male unknown - Zero-two02     
(SK)(TDF)deko female unknown 0.92 Zero-two02     
demonboii male unknown - Zero-two02     
dragonhollow male unknown 0.87 Zero-two02     
eddy3701 male unknown 0.74 Zero-two02     
[Cool GUY]Conedison503 Left For Dead[STR](Unicorn Clan Leader) male unknown 0.47 Zero-two02     
[THUNDERCLAN]FIRESTAR12 male unknown 0.69 Zero-two02     
flaming beaver male unknown 0.42 Zero-two02     
Techie Apple
aka Flax
unknown - Zero-two02     
freshboysowavy{A.C.E clan} (tAyloR GanG leader) male unknown - Zero-two02     
.:God is my witness:. | Frost Shock male unknown 1.49 Zero-two02     
Girl122[GSA]Mjr male unknown - Zero-two02     
[Airplane]grimreaper28 male unknown - Zero-two02     
^:-:K!LL3R !N$T!NCT:-:^{Jaws}grimreaper29[*EA*][^.:NeXus:.^] male unknown - Zero-two02     
aka GSA prison guard GSA
unknown - Zero-two02     
Hades108 male unknown 0.58 Zero-two02     
Hank103[SWAT Leader] male unknown 0.86 Zero-two02     

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