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› .:DerpGuy:. {SH Ldr.} {LuckyHitter} {ProNoob} {Xindrome}'s profile ( DerpGuy )
Nickname:   .:DerpGuy:. {SH Ldr.} {LuckyHitter} {ProNoob} {Xindrome}  
Status:   PB2 Advanced Player
Life slogan:  
Xindromes Lost Account 
Experience:   Level 484
Average Skill Points:   0.98  
Current Skill Points:   0.99   Show weekly logs
Level Developer rank:   0  
Campaign progress:   42 levels complete  
Kills:   3 575  
Deaths:   2 068  
Overall k/d Ratio:   1.73  
Latest k/d Ratio:   1.34
Overall KDr Rank:   PROmoted  
Birth date:    
Gender:   male
Skype:   Secret
Discord username:   Xindrome#4926
PM reply activity:   66 %
Map votes:   209
Map reviews:   209   Show
Map comments:   14
Personal favorite maps:   No maps added.
Personal approval requests:   No maps added.
Account creation date:   Wednesday 28th of November 2012 12:01:13 PM (or earlier)

Friends list
(35 friends, only last 30 friends are displayed)
  Nickname / Login Gender Status k/d Ratio Contact  
Da Matrix|A.n.X|
aka AnX
male unknown 22.67 Secret     
giggty {K.O.A}{A-RANK} male unknown 1.98 Secret     
aka gsa DalkameteorIII
unknown 1.24 Secret     
{Guest Killer}Pvt.killerwolf69 male unknown 0.95 Secret     
Kingmaster |dxndan|
aka Kingmaster dxndan
male unknown 2 Secret     
(Hunter of the Wicked) litoboy777777 male unknown 0.81 Secret     
molo male unknown 0.95 Secret     
~GN-002 Dynames~{Celestial being}~{Assassin}~{SAP}.:rebbjenny1:. unknown 0.4 Secret     
vania58killer male unknown 1.01 Secret     
(ELITE X)jemmueldude male unknown 0.67 Secret     
don romantiko male unknown 0.39 Secret     
{Anbu Elite-Leader}Slendy~DemonHunter93~ unknown 0.98 Secret     
[MLG][Leader][Boz]beastorboss male unknown 0.74 Secret     
{EVIL}Dark Siedous rider of the titans male unknown immortal Secret     
aka Derp Guy
male unknown 1.56 Secret     
[UPF]Pvt.Asparuh The Black Priest male unknown 0.62 Secret     
[~Unknown origins~]FairyTailMiniHappy female unknown 0.92 Secret     
[HITMAN][legend][100$man][pro][gameowner]levievil123 male unknown 0.58 Secret     
[Elitesharpshooter](Dubstep King).:forgottenwarrior:. male unknown 0.99 Secret     
(DJsalic912)(RAPKING)(SALIC B) male unknown 0.72 Secret     
[+*Assassin$*+]Manos Sonam
aka Manos_Sonam
male unknown 1.43 Secret     
[Civil Security] CiC. Lt Kazi Darrette #0110 male unknown 0.57 Secret     
Abecool male unknown 1.24 Secret     
Angel SweetLollyPots female unknown 1.5 Secret     
Naruto771 male unknown 1.5 Secret     
pokemon123456 male unknown 0.71 Secret     
ballinox male unknown 3.81 Secret     
[+*Assassin$*+]{Inviction}[The EpIcNeS][NeX][APOC][L.F.D]ballon male unknown 2.32 Secret     
Madara Uchiha aka lamontay shaw female unknown 0.65 Secret     
[Retired] Spartan-138
aka Spartan 138
male unknown 3.62 Secret     

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