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› Amyy dah naughty girl :3's profile ( Amyy )
Nickname:   Amyy dah naughty girl :3  
Status:   PB2 User
Life slogan:  
Experience:   Level 0
Average Skill Points:   At least 0.5 Skill Points needed  
Current Skill Points:   0
Level Developer rank:   0   (not included in Best Custom Level Developers list due to being inactive for 60 days)
Campaign progress:   - unknown -  
Kills:   77  
Deaths:   24  
Overall k/d Ratio:   3.21  
Latest k/d Ratio:   -
Overall KDr Rank:   PROmoted  
Birth date:   Undead  
Gender:   female
Skype:   Trying
Discord username:   To Get
PM reply activity:   31.3 %
Map votes:   0
Map reviews:   0   Show
Map comments:   0
Maps:   No published maps.
Personal favorite maps:   No maps added.
Personal approval requests:   No maps added.
Account creation date:   Saturday 28th of January 2012 01:42:50 PM (or earlier)

Friends list
(42 friends, only last 30 friends are displayed)
  Nickname / Login Gender Status k/d Ratio Contact  
K!LL3R SИДK3[.:DBP.:]amateratsu male unknown 0.76 Trying     
[AvP.leader]ambrukr male unknown 0.8 Trying     
Aquawolf13 male unknown 0.84 Trying     
(toxicvirus)(chemical gas)(-,....,-)avata) male unknown 0.6 Trying     
.:Red Blade:ayumu:. male unknown 0.6 Trying     
[EKAT-CG]SR. [1400 mercenary partner] Battle Hybrid [Mercenary] male unknown 1.24 Trying     
bosscat1 male unknown 1.66 Trying     
Brutalos male unknown 1.32 Trying     
/)DAKRAP( .:ByZ:. -_ByTezClAn_- male unknown 1.34 Trying     
Doctor-Who male unknown 1.59 Trying     
[Raze:AG]Dougie123 male unknown 1.85 Trying     
DracoKiller male unknown 1.15 Trying     
DUNKAN male unknown 1.22 Trying     
gamer204 male unknown 0.61 Trying     
(Marines) ghost group male unknown 0.46 Trying     
GHOST117 male unknown 1.19 Trying     
[DeltaForce SGT]Heli0s99 male unknown 0.81 Trying     
[Boz]P[IM]P (hot ice {!!!sword maSTAR!!! )-(inVadeRs)-xaker
aka inVadeRs-xaker
unknown 1 Trying     
[MC ivan 21f JURIC] HV G$ [B.C.] [TAICU] male unknown 0.81 Trying     
[K.L] [BOZ] [VAMPIRE] [SK8T3RS] HUN.jigolo [DJ] male unknown - Trying     
[ES*]Rec.:.Sniper clan 2nd leader:.(C.O.P)JimDennis male unknown 0.99 Trying     
killer4446 male unknown 1.27 Trying     
(MMC Creator)kris305[Map Developer] male unknown 3.59 Trying     
[GSA]rec.Lim29 male unknown 0.64 Trying     
Sgt. Salem Spartan 683 G$ returning {Matthew Grass} male unknown 0.49 Trying     
McMuffins[Bluewolf] male unknown 0.84 Trying     
(WeED) Mr Distro[Camper] male unknown 1 Trying     
Dark Nightwing98 male unknown 0.51 Trying     
O-prime male unknown 1.22 Trying     
oramakomaburamako male unknown 1.29 Trying     

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