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› Welcome to Plazma Burst 2 official website

Hi and welcome to the Plazma Burst 2 official site that is dedicated to the game Plazma Burst 2. This is a place where you can play Plazma Burst 2 online game in multiplayer or campaign mode, create your own maps or even simply chat with other players.

In this game you play as a marine, who wasn't sent to the past successfully in order to change the history of mankind to a better life and avoid the invasion of Usurpation Forces. In Plazma Burst: Forward to the past, after when our hero's ally was critically damaged, marine travels back to the Earth to attempt another try on traveling back in time... Will fortune smile to him this time?

Plazma Burst 2 is a tactical slidescrolling shooter free online game, developed by Eric Gurt with support of Coolbuddy.com released in March 2011.

› What's next?
You can proceed to registration page. Registration is free but if you don't want to do it just now or you don't need personal statistics, a non-default character and the ability to create maps - you can always play as a Guest. If so, you can start playing just by moving to the Play section.

It seems like that is all we wanted to tell you. Now we simply wish you best of luck at your beginnings and hope you will enjoy your time here.

› News
5 September 2018: Game has been updated. New trigger action types (such as ones that allow character scaling, variable synchronization and custom music playback in Custom Maps) were added to Advanced Level Editor of Plazma Burst 2. It is also possible to set up chat commands in custom single-player maps. Best maps selection has been updated for each category (in a way so new & good maps will be getting higher chances to appear there). New features can be seen in 3 recent open source maps by Eric Gurt.
1 April 2018: Good Morning and happy Easter (if you celebrate) / April fools! If you haven't already be sure to check out Multiplayer! We've hidden other fun Easter eggs around the site, so be sure to find them all!
8 February 2018: Plazma Burst 2 has been updated to version 1.28! Updated with your highly rated fan art suggestions and tweaks you mentioned on our forums & few more options for custom level designers. We would like to thank everyone who voted & participated in discussing (v1.28) on the forums. Without your constant love and support for the PlazmaBurst Series, PlazmaBurst wouldn't be the game it is today with FanArt, League players, Competitive players, Level Designers and players who just love PlazmaBurst. To everyone, we'd like to again say thank you and enjoy (v1.28)
2 February 2018: (v1.28) Demo of upcoming Plazma Burst 2 update can be seen here Click. Please give us feedback / report any bugs or tweaks that we need to make here on the forums.
15 January 2018: We have started polls on fan art submissions. Feel free to choose what you want to see in next Plazma Burst 2 update.
8 January 2018: Game was updated. Scoreboard can show up to 16 players now; New Star Defender-styled skin, decoration, backgrounds, weapons added; New trigger action types for Level Editor; Unexpected explosion behavior as well as memory leaks in Multiplayer been fixed. Also, keep in mind we'll be adding some of player-suggested fan-art - make sure you submit yours here before 15 January.
1st January 2018: Season 2 Plazma League has officially started, you can sign up here on the forums. You can find more information regarding how the event is run here. Happy New Years and hope you join! Contact Sparken for any additional questions.


› TOP Players
TOP 20 Best Players
(Statistics are updated every 24 hours)
#   Nickname / Login Gender Location ASP Contact
[LPW ​Ldr] ​YrN ​[Bastet]
aka lptj1027
male United States 2.78 -  
YrN ​{Pr3Xision} male Anguilla 2.47 -  
Not ​Fizuzizi
aka FabioZz
Argentina 2.43 -  
[ADAV]…φ(๑> ​∀ ​<๑)♪
aka littlekk
China 2.04 -  
[Dark ​Clan ​| ​RaZe ​] ​Div ​Leader. ​​Mane321 male Algeria 1.98 -  
[DC] ​​demaner ? 1.94 -  
​Inolupp135 male ? 1.94 -  
[YrN] ​​Gaxon male ? 1.89 -  
aka root--2
male ? 1.78 -  
Weird ​PB2 ​Player
aka ShowMaker
China 1.75 -  
rei ​subashi ​shameless ​map ​stealer ​​nimasile male China 1.66 -  
[ADAV ​Deputy ​Leader][CHN]Blackfis​h
aka fishbones
male China 1.64 -  
[ADAV ​Advisor].:Bolted ​Coconut:.
aka narxel
China 1.59 -  
aka 444_
male ? 1.58 -  
aka dinic
female Australia 1.56 -  
[ADAV ​Advisor]Marble ​Twister
aka nextiak
female China 1.55 -  
[ADAV ​Expert].:chunchunchu​nchun:. China 1.41 -  
Soda ​Mint
aka dying2
male China 1.36 -  
​PureDomination female Brazil 1.31 -  
​Fake ​News male China 1.31 -  

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