More alien guns?

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More alien guns?

Postby Mr jaks nes » 13 July 2019, 19:09

Userpation shotgun.

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The shotgun doesn't actully work like the white "Alien shotgun" it should work like the shotgun in the proxy's equippement. but only 3 bullets at one shot instead of 4 (3rd update shots 3 at same time, updrage 1 and 2 shots only 2 but with more power)

Userpation railgun

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Mostly used by the userpation destroyer, but the other kind of aliens can still own it, it fires red rails.

Userpation grenade

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Grenades for both Userpation soldier and Advanced userpation soldier model.
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Re: More alien guns?

Postby daft punk 777 » 15 July 2019, 04:16

Very cool weapons, but not so many of em XD

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