Planetary☭Revolution [Remake]

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Planetary☭Revolution [Remake]

Postby CakeSpider » 1 July 2019, 11:01

This is remake of my campaign about Ivan
In this remake, the plot was modified and a new mechanic was added.
The main character has 100 hp. He can equip the armor ( In the map have the Armor System )
If you notice a mistake in the dialogs, point me to them. Also send your own, more correct version of the dialogs.

Map : ... &id=936446
Map demo :

There are 2 endings in the map, 1 ending if you go through sector A, and the second through sector B. B. The sector is not completed.
Also, in the map, each enemy is unique.
Mini guide:

You can pick up armor from dead Soldiers of Resistance.

During the battle, you can not recover HP with morphine.

When you reloading, you cannot use other weapons.

To interact with the menu / computer you must use 9 slot
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Re: Planetary☭Revolution [Remake]

Postby jiu » 3 July 2019, 20:26

The menu map works, but the another sents me to a white page (srry, bad english for now)

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