Proper approval-friendly auto-doors.

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Proper approval-friendly auto-doors.

Postby Jason Eden » 14 April 2019, 12:44

This will be just a part of my previous tutorial topic.

So, these doors were first introduced in map Eric Gurt-level25_mp in 2014. I've made two modifications to it:
1) Timer and deactivated triggers are no longer being infinitely called.
2) Doors are now synchronized in multiplayer. Original ones were not synchronized and in case if you were standing close to them and they open, on the the screen of newcomer they will be closed. My modification fixes this issue. By the way, they were synchronized with using just one timer, without Sync engine marks or complicated trigger systems.

You will need this map:
Jason Eden wrote:||| Map name: Open Source [1]
||| Map ID: jason eden-os1
||| Map page: ... &id=923515
||| Map demo:

And you will need to find this part of it:

There are two variations of it: with and without button. Remember to use these doors in your approved maps and just regular maps because they are the most advanced at the moment. I've made this small tutorial (if it can be called a tutorial) just because I keep noticing new maps where people are using old outdated version of original Eric's auto-doors. They should know that there is a new better version.
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