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Postby ECC9 » 10 January 2019, 16:30

pb2 is lagging like af what to do ?
even on the eu server lol
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Re: laggin'

Postby Resi » 11 January 2019, 23:23

Not a bug.

Get a better connection, stop things that use the internet, idk really... Google "How to lag less" or something.
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Re: laggin'

Postby Albzter » 12 January 2019, 03:25

1.Smash your computer
2.Go to the market
3.Buy a gaming PC
4.Play PB2
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Re: laggin'

Postby Civil-Lite » 19 January 2019, 21:31

I've seen multiple topics that also relate to this. Let's make this clear, there's no other way to decrease lag as you know it will always happen again. Not only you have the same problem but so do others. In my opinion a slightly good option would be to lower a few of your settings, works for me the majority of the times.
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