Problem with an acc

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Problem with an acc

Postby Knight Athoriiz » 12 August 2018, 10:47

My name is Knight Athoriiz and I have 3 alts, but I'm having a problem with one of them, specifically .

I'm trying to log into them but it keeps saying "Bad login" even when I get it right. I know the password and I'm not sharing that here, but I need help. Is there anyone else with a few alts that has this issue also?

Sidenote: when I mouse over "Friends" on another alt it says they're online, but they're actually not.. It's getting rather annoying and I've tried a little over 3 times. I've only started experiencing this today. (8/12/2018)
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Re: Problem with an acc

Postby mrblake213 » 13 August 2018, 03:26

It's either that your password is wrong or that the account was lost in the database crash.
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