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Re: [APPROVAL REQUEST] mrnat444-smb

Postby iswift » 1 June 2018, 16:44

i feel like pb2 isn't really a game that a certain map brings back nostalgia, nice gimmick though lol.
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Re: [APPROVAL REQUEST] mrnat444-smb

Postby IcYeGodZ » 2 June 2018, 23:42

@Map The "map" has a good amount of space to not fall off. it actually feels closer to what spikes map had too falling off..
I thought eric usually adds spawn with weapons, but mrnat isn't really sure how to make it work.
The lighting..I feel like it was intended since light should not enter too much into the tower since there isn't much light from out within.

@Swift It does not exactly feel nostalgic..it is just more updated to make it more casual with updated changes..and what gimmick?

NOW! Day/Night Cycle has been implemented. 50/50 chance of it being morning, or coming close to night time.

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Re: [APPROVAL REQUEST] mrnat444-smb

Postby Star Fox McCloud » 12 August 2018, 13:03

Changes has happened to the both towers.

You have more paths to go now.

The two buildings on the sides have been changed a little to not be trapped with shorted on.

The middle tower has been changed a little with better movements and better aesthetics.

Rayguns added, marksman rifles removed.

Floor gravitators have been removed to a lot more room in the map to move around.

oh and picture will be updated in a few hours

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