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The Battlegrounds REDUX

Postby Charlie 5 Lives » 15 February 2018, 01:49

Name: The Battlegrounds REDUX
Game mode: All
Players: 16
Map test link: ... leground-4
Map URL: ... &id=868143
Map ID: charlie 5 lives-battleground-4

Reason of making this map:

TL;DR = I wanted to remake it because the original looked like crap to me.

So I think around four years ago, when I first started getting... "better", at mapmaking, this was my third map installment of the "Battlegrounds series". The first one was a box, the second one was utter crap (long deleted and not saved), and the third one? Well, it did pretty good.

So why is this one called "REDUX" and not "Battlegrounds 4", despite it being in the map ID? Simple. I looked over at the Battlegrounds 3.9.8 map layout and noticed that it wasn't symmetrical at all. Not to mention that I wasn't really proud of how it looked years later. There were still some visual and map errors I never got to fixing. So instead of reworking the original map, I just copy+pasted the whole map and made it new.

Here is what the old map looked like, via 3.9.8's map preview: ... ize=normal

So what's different in this version?
• The map is completely symmetrical. Even the underground cave is symmetrical.
• The map has the new entities made by the community in the recent update in here, too.
• Both teams now only use Rifles, Pistols, and Medkits.
• Both bases now have two sniper windows (not counting spawnroom)
• Overground mid has a shotgun, underground mid has the two new RPGs
• Blue team is now using the AK-47-looking rifles, which after quickly testing, function as same as the CS Rifle.

I had a bunch of fun getting back into mapmaking. Even though it was just reworking an old map. Looking at the new weapons added, I feel like I can make one more original map now. But for now, enjoy this rework! Thanks for reading!
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