Parkour map and Bossfight map.

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Parkour map and Bossfight map.

Postby L a v o i s i e r » 5 October 2018, 23:22

Hello everyone!, i already did allot of maps. but as none of them got rates,i lost the motivation to continue and deleted them. but I want to try again to be a map maker, so this is my most recent map. You can say your opinion freely and give me ideas to balance stuff. :D

Map name: Parkour
Map ID: l a v o i s i e r-parkour
Map description: This map its really simple, with unique graphic style
There is two classes.
Common Runners
500hp - They are the most common player class
4000hp - Very strong, very large armored guy that is fast as the common runner, this guy can kill pretty much the other 3 players really easy but require some skill.
Map Page Link: ... &id=910188
Map Demo Link: ... 0r-parkour

My most recent map its a bossfight! 4 players try out!

Map name: Bossfight
Map ID: l a v o i s i e r-boss
Map description: This is a bossfight map. there is currently, 6 bosses
2 Easy, 2 Medium, 2 Hard.
Map Page Link: ... e%20r-boss
Map Demo Link: ... e%20r-boss
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Re: Parkour map and Bossfight map.

Postby Kiriakos Gr96 » 9 October 2018, 18:30

L a v o i s i e r
Please when you post your maps here make sure that the topic has the right template.
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