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Holiday events

Postby SecretShadowCode » 13 April 2018, 20:10

Hmmm,what should be events? Of course,Holiday Events!
Not in Correct Order:
Christmas: Well...theres already things for christmas,except trees!
Easter: Eggs everywhere...
New Years: Firework Sky! and fireworks themselves (Currently nothing to do with those fireworks)
Those are 3 events that are most ,,popular".
Maybe 1 of them will be implemented? ;)
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Re: Holiday events

Postby ZapruderFilm » 9 May 2018, 04:38

Interesting idea, Eric did a bunch of stuff for April fool's day as well.
Maybe Chinese New Year Event, and Halloween Events.
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Re: Holiday events

Postby mrblake213 » 9 May 2018, 04:41

Possibly can be implemented on the Discord server as well.
In example:
- By changing the icon and roles to be themed as the holidays
- In Christmas, Admins can be renamed Santa Clause while the Head Mod could be Head Elf and etc.
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Re: Holiday events

Postby Ahrora » 16 February 2019, 22:52

That would be pretty cool tbh.
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